What devices can you play Pokemon GO on?

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You can play on Android or on iOS devices.
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What is going on when you play Pokemon 100 hours?

I've heard rumors that if you play Pokemon for 300 hours or more, all the memory will be lost. But my friend has played that long and nothing has happened to him, so it's just fake (000.001% chance it will do this).

Is there a way to catch Arceus in Pokemon Pearl without going to a Nintendo event or using a cheat device?

You can get Arceus, Darkrai, and Shaymin all through a glitch called tweaking. To tweak the game, you must have a bicycle and be in Jubilife City. Put the bike on gear four, and go up a few steps, right 1 step, down 1 step, left 1 step, right 1 step, and left a few steps. You have to do this very fa ( Full Answer )

What are plug and play devices?

A Plug and Play device is defined as any device which Windows supports natively with pre-installed device drivers. Plug and Play is a standard that Microsoft created with the release of Windows 95, and is still used in modern versions of Windows. Source(s): Technology in Action 7th Edition, on pa ( Full Answer )

How do you go to Pokemon?

What do you mean by "How do you go to Pokemon"? To buy a game, just go to like Gamestop to mybye find an older one, or just go to Target to get a newer game.

When is Pokemon going to be out?

(I am American so my answers are American too) Pokemon Platnum Came out on March 22, 2009 Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver came out on March 14, 2010 Pokemon Black and White are said to come out in Spring 2011 and I'm Gonna Guess March 2011 cause they sorta have had a tradition of Marches for A ( Full Answer )

Where can you get hacking devices for Pokemon?

you need an action replay. or just try to go to google....write Whack a Hack then when the results are displayed.......there would be written (TRAnslate this page) follow it and then look at ur bottom left and ull see HACKING TOOLS click and enjoy!!!! ^_^

On Pokemon emerald how long do you have to play to go into space?

\ntalk to the man at the space centre, he will say that there has been 67 launches or sumfin like that. u have to get a latios/latias and rain it to level 67. IT HAS TO BE EXACTLY 67. put it first in ur party, and talk to him again. he will say something like- the space ship is taking off, if you hu ( Full Answer )

What is an indication that a device is Plug and Play?

If you read the description on the packaging of the device it willindicate if it is plug and play or not. The abbreviation would sayit is PnP. Also if it doesn't indicate it if you just plug thedevice into your computer and are able to use it that alsoindicates it is plug and play.

Where can you go to play Pokemon online games on the internet?

You can either play the pokemon online trading card game from pokemon.com or play the actual games from the systems. Do an online search for an emulator for the video game system you want and download it. You can then download the pokemon game you want for that system, and play it! If you need any ( Full Answer )

Where do Pokemon go?

To the PC in a Pokemon Center. Pokemon can go to many places within the 'Pokemon universe'. Primarily, Pokemon are wild animals which live in the natural environment. The type and abilities of Pokemon influence what sort of places each Pokemon prefers and as many Pokemon can be found in the forest a ( Full Answer )

When i go to the casino in veilstone Pokemon Platinum why cant i play on the games there?

If you don't have a coin case, there is a clown near the Gym where a clown will give you one. If you have a case, you may not have coins. Buy them at the counter. Oh and middle slots, two from top pays out the most. Well that up there and the machines are censored so they won't work for you on ( Full Answer )

What is an indication a device is a plug and play?

The answer is that you don't have to install a device driver. But, just in case you have more questions from your class, this link will help you out a lot, it contains questions and answers. http://www.brookdale.cc.nj.us/MSDocs/Computer%20Science/Chapter%20Review%20Answers/tia5_EOCsolution_ch05.doc ( Full Answer )

What mobile device can you play Farmville on?

iPhone and iPod touch both have farm illegal apps by you need internet for them. So if you have a free Internet contract on an iPhone you can go on it wherever as long as your phone gets the connection. That's most places except top of mountains etc.

What website do you have to go to to play Pokemon LeafGreen version?

Pokemon Leaf Green and Fire Red are both games for the Game Boy Advance and can also be played on the Nintendo DS or DS Lite. These are the real games, all for handheld gaming systems, and not the computer, though there are probably many flash games riddled with viruses on the internet.

How do you change devices on sky go?

delete one and simply log on with your new device, sadly there is a limit of only 2 devices per sky customer. hope this helps m8

Is there a portable device that you can play RuneScape on?

Portable devices are not yet officially supported, due to RuneScape requiring the use of Java. However, there are plans for RuneScape to become tablet/mobile device compatible with the planned release of HTML5. You can preview this technology in use on the Bestiary beta.

What device is TF2 played on?

Team Fortress 2 is most commonly on the Computer(PC). You can purchase a game bundle called the "Orange Box" for the xbox 360 which has Team Fortress 2 on it.

What is a device used for playing sounds?

A device which changes one form of energy to another is called atransducer, this includes changing electric energy into mechanicalpressure waves, in short, sound! the most common transducer forplaying sound is a speaker which uses the properties ofelectromagnetism to create a physical sound pressure ( Full Answer )

What is Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO is a new Pokemon game under development by Niantic Labs(the people who made Ingress) in a partnership with Pokemon. It's a game where you will be able to catch, battle, collect, groupbattle, and trade Pokemon in the real world, using GPS.

How do you catch Pokemon with Pokemon GO?

Just how they did in they anime--you throw a (virtual) pokeball atit and hope it doesn't break out. You don't have to wear the targetPokemon down by attacking it with your own, however.

When will Pokemon GO be out?

The game is currently out, and they are still working on expandingit to more areas of the world. They are also working on improvingthe game--improving the stability and adding more features.

Can you trade Pokemon with Pokemon GO?

Not at the moment. That feature has not been released yet, as thegame is still currently in early open beta. In the future you willbe able to trade any of the Pokemon that you catch in the wild.

Where can you find Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

Pretty much you can find Pokemon anywhere, on a sidewalk or in a river, or in a shopping center, or wherever you are. They will just be wandering in the world.

Can kids play Pokemon GO?

Absolutely they can. If the kids are too little, you might want tohave them use the GO Plus device while an older person handles thesmartphone, but even young kids can participate in finding andcatching Pokemon with family.

How old do you have to be to play Pokemon GO?

You must be 13 years or older to agree to the Terms of Use.Otherwise your parent or guardian will be accepting the legalresponsibility. So with that being said, anyone can play, as longas you have a consenting legal guardian.

How many people have played Pokemon GO?

According to a Recode article from 13 July 2016, in the US alone,there are an estimated 9.55 million total daily users of PokémonGO. This number is increasing quickly, and global numbers areskyrocketing as it is systematically being introduced in morecountries.

How many have died playing Pokemon go?

As of 14 July 2016, none so far. Though there have been a number ofcar accidents and robberies related to Pokémon GO, as well as ateenage girl stumbling across a dead body. All reports of PokémonGO related deaths have been hoaxes so far.

Can you trade Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

As of March 2018, not yet. The feature is planned for futureupdates of the game, but has not yet been implemented.

Did somebody die playing Pokemon GO?

As of 14 July 2016, nobody so far. Though there have been a numberof car accidents and robberies related to Pokémon GO, as well as ateenage girl stumbling across a dead body. All reports of PokémonGO related deaths have been hoaxes so far.

How do you get Pokemon GO?

You can download Pokemon GO for free at the Google Play Store usingan Android, but your device's version has to be 4.4 or higher. ForiOS, you can download it for free in the App Store as long as youriOS version is 8 or higher. Any device lower than the versionrequired cannot download the game. (It a ( Full Answer )

Do you need wifi to play Pokemon GO?

You do not need wifi in order to play, but having it turned on onyour device can help increase location accuracy.

How do you catch Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

When you see a Pokemon on your screen nearby or in your location,tap on the Pokemon, then flick your finger upwards on the screen tothrow the Poke Ball when you are in a "battle" with it. Sometimes,the Poke Ball can miss, but it'll allow you to try again. When thePoke Ball absorbs the Pokemon, it'll ( Full Answer )

How do you play Pokemon GO?

You basically throw Pokeballs at Pokemon to collect them, and themore you do that, the more you level up and are able to get betterPokemon and better Pokeballs. You can also evolve your Pokemon the more you catch the same type,and you can battle at local gyms to take them over for your team.There a ( Full Answer )