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He freed slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation, if you do not know what that is type the question: What is the Emancipation Proclamation?

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What did Abraham Lincoln do for your nation?

There are a number of things that Abraham Lincoln did for the nation. He abolished slavery and was the one who proclaimed Thanksgiving as a holiday among other achievements.

What are 7 expiriences that made Abraham Lincoln important?

Abraham Lincoln was able to unite a nation that was deeply divided when he took over.

What made Abraham Lincoln like slaves?

Abraham Lincoln, himself, did not like slavery. He thought it to be immoral. However, Lincoln believed that if it would better the nation, it is the right thing to do.

What where some of Abraham Lincoln's favorite childhood games?

Abraham Lincoln did not like any kind of games. He was little bit interested in painting. He always wanted to go to school as he was very much interested in studies.

What did Lincoln think slavery was doing to the nation?

Abraham Lincoln thought that slavery was pulling the country apart.

Why Abraham Lincoln was an important character for the nation?

He was an important character in the nation because he helped end slavery

Who led the nation though the Civil War?

President of the USA Abraham Lincoln

First President to be assassinated?

Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln.Abraham Lincoln

Was Abraham Lincoln for the Union or the Confederacy?

Abraham Lincoln was the president of the Union during the civil war. So yes, he was supporting the union during the civil war.

Was Abraham Lincoln?

Yes, Abraham Lincoln was.

Why was Abraham Lincoln a good president?

he stopped slavery and brought the country together as one nation.

Why is Abraham Lincoln remebered?

Because it can be said that he sacraficed himself for the sake of the nation. He was guided by his principles.

Who is a Famous person last name start with a?

Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln

How was Abraham Lincoln involved in the civil war?

Abraham was the president of the United States. However, despite the attempts of the Confederate states to become their own nation, Lincoln still considered them part of his country.

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