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probably thought something...

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Who is Adam Hitler?

Hitler, Adam Union Infantry 16th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry

What has the author Adolf Adam written?

Adolf Adam has written: 'Objektschutz im Lichte systemorientierter Vorsorgeforschung' -- subject(s): Civil defense, Disaster relief, Planning, Emergency management

Is Adam Atkinson related to Hitler?

yes but his tash is on his nipple

Where does Adam sandler?

I think Adam sandler lives los Angeles

What is Adam lambert?

I think what you're trying to say is "What is AN Adam Lambert"Well, Adam Lambert is a term people have come to use to describe homosexuals.Ex: "Hey guys, I think I might be Adam Lambert." Translation "Hey guys, I think I might be gay."

Is Adam Garcia gay?

Don't think so. Are you sure you're not confusing him with Adam Lambert? If you are, that particular Adam is.

Are Adam DiMarco Arabic?

I think no I think he frm England!

What is the family background of Adam young?

Adam has a father, mother and an older brother (i think)

What show is has Adam Sandler been in?

Adam Sandler has been on 15 shows (i think)

What is the symbol of Adam?

a lion i think......not sure

Who are famous people that start with an a?

How many are you looking for here? There's: Amy Macdonald Amy Winehouse Adam Levine Amber Riley Alicia Keys Adam Sandler Ashton Kutcher Alex Pettyfer Anthony Horowitz Al Pacino Arnold Schwarznegger Anne Hathaway Andy Roddick Andy Murray Angelina Jolie Adolf Hitler Alec Baldwin America Ferrera Abraham Lincoln Ashley Tisdale

Was there an Adam and Eve?

no Jewish teachers think that they are real but they are fake.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Adam and Eve biblical allegory are symbolic.

Is Avril levigne related to Adam levigne?

I think you mean "Avril Lavigne" and "Adam Levine" and no they are not related.

Does Adam Lambert like David Archuleta?

i don't think so... Adam has a boyfriend.... and Adam used to have a crush on Kris Allen not david archuleta

Is Adam Lambert hot?

Some people think he is.

Is Adam Irigoyen Cuban?

no, but i think her mother is Cuban

Can you talk to Adam Lambert?

welll...uhhh... what do you think?

Can you text Adam Lambert?

No I don't think so.

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