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He loved Hitler. He thought of him as a role model.

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Q: What did Al Capone think about Hitler?
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Did Hitler and Al Capone have anything in common?

Hitler and Capone had enjoyed killing many people for their own sake.

Who was worse Adolf Hitler or al Capone?

Hitler, he killed millions of people.

Can anyone think of a newspaper headline for Al Capone?

Al Capone Still Dead

Why is Al Capone infamous?

i think al capone is infamous because of all the bad crimes he did

Didn't Al Capone start the BBB?

The BBB was started in 1912. Al Capone was born in 1899. I think not.

What was Al Capone's real name?

al Capone

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No, al Capone is not single.

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Al Capone was Italian Catholic.

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Al Capone was 5'10" tall.

Who is Al Capone in the story Al Capone does your shirts?

What do you mean? In that book it is talking about the same american gangster Al Capone.

What is the birth name of Al Capone?

Al Capone's birth name is Alphonse Gabriel Capone.

Where is the body of Al Capone?

Al Capone is buried in Hillside, Illinois

What was the cause of Al Capone's death?

Al Capone died from syphillis

What is Al Capone's full name?

Alphonse Gabriel "Al" Capone

Al Capone in the book called Al Capone does my shirts?


Is Al Capone's house in Cuba a restaurant?

Al Capone is dead.

What is al Capone's full name?

Alphonse Gabriel "Al" Capone

When was Al Capone born?

al Capone was born on January 17, 1899

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Al Capone's mother's name is Mae Capone

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Gabriel Capone

What actors and actresses appeared in The Legacy of Al Capone - 2001?

The cast of The Legacy of Al Capone - 2001 includes: Al Capone as himself

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Ralph Capone and Frank Capone were the brothers of gangster Al Capone. Al was a member of the Five Points gang before moving to Chicago.

Is al Capone the best gangster?

yes, Al Capone is the beat ganser

How tall was Al Capone?

== == Al Capone was 5' 10 1/2 "

Where did al Capone emigrate?

Al capone immigrated to places like: america