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Brazil did nothing to help in the first World War.

Just in the World War 2.

Brazil first was impartial in the war, and the current president, Getúlio Vargas, used to govern the country based onsocialist ideals. So the United States were afraid of having an ally of their enemies in their continent, so they offered to build the "Siderurgica de Volta Redonda", if Brazil in exchange, support the USA in the war and let them build a Base in Brazil's North-East region (which is the nearest point in South America to the African continent)

Because of the fact Brazil was supporting the USA in the war, German Submarines atacked some Brazilian Navy Ships, and because of that Brazil finally got into the war by sending planes and soldiers to fight in Monte Castelo's battle, in Italy.

They won this battle, which was important because Monte Castelo was an estrategic point, located up on a mountain.

Despite the then internal political conditions, Brazil entered into World War I in 1917, alongside with the Triple Entente, after initially adopting neutrality. Brazil's contribution was modest, essentially little more than symbolic from a military perspective. Still, Brazil was the only South American country to actually participate in the war beyond a formal declaration of war. Its primary contribution was in the naval war in the Atlantic, though it also sent a unit to the Western front. (Source Wikipedia)

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Q: What did Brazil do to help in World War 1?
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