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"Whoopie! Man, that may have been a small one for Neil, but that's a long one for me."

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Who was 3rd man to reach the moon?

Charles P. Conrad.

Who was the third man reached on moon?

Charles P. (Pete) Conrad (Capt., USN, Ret.)

When was Charles Conrad Abbott born?

Charles Conrad Abbott was born in 1843.

When did Charles Conrad Abbott die?

Charles Conrad Abbott died in 1919.

When was Charles Conrad Schneider born?

Charles Conrad Schneider was born in 1843.

When did Charles Conrad Schneider die?

Charles Conrad Schneider died in 1916.

When did Charles E. Conrad die?

Charles E. Conrad died in 2009.

When was Charles E. Conrad born?

Charles E. Conrad was born in 1925.

When was Charles Magill Conrad born?

Charles Magill Conrad was born on 1804-12-24.

When did Charles Magill Conrad die?

Charles Magill Conrad died on 1878-02-11.

When was Conrad P. Olson born?

Conrad P. Olson was born on 1882-09-04.

When did Conrad P. Olson die?

Conrad P. Olson died on 1952-03-01.

When did Charles Conrad walk on the moon?

Charles Conrad walked on the moon on November 19, 1969. He was the third person to walk on the moon.

What date did charles conrad set foot on the moon?

Charles "Pete" Conrad (USA) set foot on the lunar surface on November 19th, 1969.

When did pete conrad go on the moon?

Charles Pete Conrad landed on the moon in November 1969.

What year did Charles Conrad walk on the moon?

what year did charles go to the moon

Is astronaut Charles conrad still alive?

No. Charles "Pete" Conrad died on July 8th, 1999 from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident in Ojai California.

American astronaut with the first name Charles?

Charles A. "Charlie" Bassett; Charles F. Bolden, jr; Dr. Charles E. "Chuck" Brady; Charles J. Camarda; Charles P. "Pete" Conrad; Charles D. Gemar; Charles O. "Charlie" Hobaugh; Charles Precourt; Charles L. Veach; That's all I can think of right now...

Who was the 3rd man on moon?

Charles "Pete" Conrad.

What Was Charles Pete's mission on the moon?

Charles "Pete" Conrad was mission commander of Apollo 12

Who was the third man on moon?

Charles "Pete" Conrad, Jr.

When did Charles Conrad die?

He died in a motor bike accident.

Who was the 3rd man to land on the moon?

Charles "Pete" Conrad

What has the author Charles Conrad Schneider written?

Charles Conrad Schneider has written: 'General specifications for structural work and buildings' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Building, Contracts and specifications

When did Pete Conrad go to the moon?

Astronaut Charles Pete Conrad went to the moon on Apollo 12 , in November 1969.

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