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Edward Hargraves was a gold prospector that claimed to have found gold in Australia in 1851. This started the Australian gold rush. He had traveled to California during the California gold rush, but was not successful.

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Edward Hargraves is credited with being the first to officially find gold in Australia. He enlisted help from a man named John Lister, who found gold at Summerhill Creek, at a place Hargraves named Ophir, near Bathurst, New South Wales. This was the beginning of the Australian gold rush.

Hargraves gained the credit because he had brought the 'rocker' or 'cradle' from the Californian goldfields. The rocker enabled the quicker discovery and extraction of alluvial gold, and its use quickly spread across the Bathurst goldfields and other goldfields that sprang up in ensuing months and years.

Hargraves ultimatley affected Australia because of the many, many changes that the Goldrush brought to the continent. New wealth, better infrastructure, the beginning of democracy, legislation against foreign workers - all these were ongoing effects of Hargraves's discovery.

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Q: What did Edward Hargraves do that affected Australia?
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What kind of impact did Edward Hargraves have on Australia's development?

Edward found gold

Where was Edward hargraves home town?

Edward Hargraves' home town was Gosport, Hampshire. He was a gold prospector who claimed to have found gold in Australia.

Was edward hargraves from a poor family?

Edward Hargraves was born in Australia in 1816. He was the first person to discover gold in Australia, which led to the Australian gold rush. During his time, he was considered to be rich.

What was edward hargraves mom and dad name?

If you are talking about Edward Hammond Hargraves, his parents were John Edward Hargraves and Elizabeth Hargraves.

WHAT was Edward Hargraves religion?

Edward Hargraves, who is known for discovering gold in Australia, was of English descent and grew up in London. He was raised in the Anglican faith.

Who were the people who discovered gold with Hargraves?

John Lister and William Tom were with Edward Hargraves when he discovered the first payable gold in Australia.

Did Edward Hargraves start the gold rush in Australia?

Edward Hargraves is officially credited with stating the Goldrush in Australia, but it was not he who did all the hard work. John Lister, William Tom and James Tom were the real labourers. However, they used the new "cradle" or "rocker" which Hargraves introduced from California, and it was Hargraves who used his knowledge of geology to suggest where to start digging.

What year did Edward Hargraves find gold outside Bathurst?

Gold was first "officially" discovered in Australia by Edward Hargraves in February 1851, not far from Bathurst, New South Wales.

Who was Edward Hammond Hargraves father?

Lieutenant John Edward Hargraves

When did Thomas Lister and Hargraves discover gold?

Thomas Lister led Edward Hargraves to the first payable gold strike in Australia in February 1851.

What nugget did Edward Hargraves discover?

Edward Hargraves did not find a nugget of any notable size. Hargraves was important for the fact that he (or rather, two men he employed) found the first payable gold in Australia, and thus started the Australian Gold rush in 1851.

Edward Hargraves discovered what in California?

Edward Hargraves did not discover anything in California. He was unsuccessful on the goldfields, but he did bring back to Australia knowledge of gold-bearing country and different techniques for panning, such as cradling. Hargraves was the first to find payable gold in Australia, doing so in May 1851, at Ophir, near Bathurst, NSW.