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he talked about slaves

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What state was Fredrick Douglas a slave in?

Fredrick Douglas was a slave in Maryland

What was the names of Fredrick Douglass books?

fredrick douglas books names

How did Fredrick Douglas learn how to read?

did Fredrick learn how to read

What is Fredrick Douglas known for?


Who invented biodome?

Fredrick Douglas

Where was Fredrick Douglass born?

Fredrick Douglas was born in Tuckahoe, Talbot country in Maryland.

Was Fredrick Douglas a reporter or editor or publisher?

Was Fredrick Douglass a reporter, editor, or a publisher

Who created the amboltion movement?

Fredrick Douglas

What exact date was frederick douglas born?

Fredrick Douglas was born on February 14,1818

Who did FredrickDouglas?

Fredrick Douglas wrote his own book......

Who was called the father of the underground railroad?

fredrick douglas

How did Frederick Douglas improve the civil rights movement?

how did Fredrick Douglas improve the civil rights

Who is a famous person who has been through slavery?

Fredrick Douglas

Who was a famous slave during the westward expansion?

Fredrick Douglas

An individual who believed in abolishing slavery?

Abolitionist Fredrick Douglas

Who spoke out for blacks during the civil war?

Fredrick douglas

What escaped slave became a powerful abolitionist speaker?

Fredrick Douglas

Who is called the Father of Black History?

Fredrick Douglas. every time.

Was Fredrick Douglas a slave in the south?

yes he was. and he fought against slavery

You are famous for winning 3 world championships?

Fredrick Douglas is one of them :)

When Victoria Woodhull ran for president with whom did she run?

Fredrick Douglas

How does Fredrick Douglas show that slavery corrupts slave owners?


Did Harriet Tubman abolish slavery or Fredrick Douglas?

It was Abraham Lincoln but Tubman and Douglas were against slavery too.

Was Fredrick Douglas a slave then later became an abolitionist?

Fredrick Douglas was an African-American writer, orator and statesman. He escaped from slavery in 1838 at the age of 20 years and subsequently became a leader of abolitionist movement.

How did Fredrick Douglass die?

Fredrick Douglas died of a massive heart attack at the age of 77, in Washington D.C., on February 20, 1895.

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