What did GB do when Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia?

This is actually what happened before Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia:

"The British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain flew to Munich to have words with Hitler ! And returned home with a piece of paper & the idea of 'Peace in our Time.' Hindsight shows just how wrong this was, but of course they had hoped for a very different outcome. This was called Appeasement. For obvious reasons, WW1 was less than 20 years before, they hoped to avoid another panEuropean war, and I suppose it shows just how easy it is to be wise after the event. Certainly there was hostility towards Hitler in Britain & France, but I think most people really just hoped for the best, what else could they do anyway ? As for the people in Czechoslovakia they weren't really given any choice."

After this is when Hitler actually betrayed the Munich Pact. He had agreed to leave Czech alone after gaining the Sudetenland and Neville Chamberlain was dumb enough to believe that. But Hitler went back on the deal and invaded the Czechs anyway.