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Gary Paulsen quit when he wanted to become an author

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Q: What did Gary paulsen race did he compete?
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What 2 years did Gary paulsen race in the iditarod?

2003 and 2004

What are Gary Paulsen's hobbies?

He used to race in the Iditarod. He writes books.

According to Gary paulsen what are the three biggest challenges in the iditarod race?

what is gary paulsens biggest challenge

What are Gary Paulsen's parents name?

Gary Paulsen's parents are Oscar Paulsen and Eunice Paulsen.

Is Gary Paulsen related to Lee Paulsen?

Yes. Gary Paulsen is related to Lee Paulsen.

Who are Gary Paulsen's parents?

Gary Paulsen's parents are Oscar and Eurine Paulsen.

Is Gary Paulsen single?

No, Gary Paulsen is not single.

What is Gary Paulsen's occupation?

Gary Paulsen is a/an Author

What is Gary paulsen's nationality?

Gary Paulsen is American.

Gary Paulsen's first race what place did he get?

The first time Gary raced, he got 42nd or43rd out of 70+ teams, than he scracthed his last race! boohoo

How old is Gary paulsen in 2012?

Gary Paulsen is 73

Who published liar liar by Gary Paulsen?

Gary Paulsen