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The fight for the freedom of the Philippines from Japanese invasion. The American evacuation of the Philippines was the result of Japan's aggression in East Asia. General MacArthur would keep his promise and did return. Before this happened there was a top secret meeting between President Roosevelt, MacArthur, and Admiral Nimitz. MacArthur talked the president to retake the Philippines instead of attacking Formosa.

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Q: What did General Douglas MacArthur promise to come back to?
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When did General Douglas MacArthur promise to come back?

By suppa time.

What was the promise made by Douglas MacArthur to the philipinos?

"I shall return". General MacArthur slipped out of the last strong-hold of American troops before they were over run by the Japanese as they advanced through the Phillippines. He fulfilled his promise when troops landed back on the islands.

Who drove united nations troops in Korea back across the 38th parallel?

General Douglas MacArthur.

Is Douglas MacArthur related to Charles MacArther?

There is a belief among many MacArthurs that they are all related in some way -- it's a small clan.That being said, there is no current evidence showing a relationship between General Douglas MacArthur, and the playwright Charles Gordon MacArthur. You can get back to Scotland independently with both families.

What general said you will return?

General Douglas MacArthur made the famous statement, "I shall return", as a promise to the Philippine people that he would be back to retake the Islands after being overpowered by the Japanese in 1941. He made good on this promise by assembling a huge force from his base in Australia, then coming back to completely destroy the Japanese forces in 1944-1945. This pretty much marked the beginning of the end of the Second World War in the Pacific.

When did the invaders invade Philippines?

The Empire of Japan invaded the Philippines in 1941. They held the island until 1945 when General Douglas MacArthur returned to take it back.

Why was Douglas MacArthur significant to World War 2?

Douglas MacArthur was a United States General. After the United States had pushed Japan back in the Battles of Coral Sea and Midway, MacArthur came up with the plan known as island-hopping, which meant that the U.S. would recapture Japanese-held islands while bypassing others and advance toward Japan. It was the plan that made the U.S. push back the Japanese to their homeland.

Who vowed I'll be back in reference to the loss of the Philippines to japan in World War 2?

General Douglas MacArthur vowed I'll be back in reference to the loss of the Philippines to Japan in World War II

Who said I'll be back some day?

Perhaps you mean "I shall return," said by General Douglas MacArthur upon leaving Corregidor for Australia on March 11, 1942

You Shall Return General?

The general who said, 'I shall return.' was Douglas MacArthur. He said it as he departed the Philippines early in World War II. He did indeed return to take the islands back from Japan a few years later.

Did Plato say only the dead shall know the end of war?

It cannot be proven that the quote came from Plato. It was attributed to him by General Douglas MacArthur, but there is no evidence to back it up in any of Plato's work.

Who was Douglas MacArthur and why was he important?

an American General.......... ............who was Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in the Pacific, came back to the Philippines as liberator as he had promised he would, and was later sacked by President Truman for getting too big for his boots.

Did president Truman back the battle plans of General MacArthur during the Korean War?


Who made the purple heart award?

The original Purple Heart goes back to the American Revolution when General George Washington personally awarded it to only three soldiers. After the war, the medal disappeared until 1932, when Army Chief of Staff General Douglas MacArthur resurrected it, retroactive to WWI.

Who said people of the Philippines you have returned?

General Douglas MacArthur. When he was forced to leave the Philippines for his own safety during the invasion of Bataan, he said "I will return." Then, when he went back to free the American soldiers trapped in camps, he said, "People of the Philippines, I have returned."

What were Douglas McArthur accomplishments?

General Douglas McArthur was the liberator of the Philippines in WW2. He also headed the push back of the North Koreans in the 1950 Korean war.

Who was the third to die in and then there were none?

The third person to die on the island was General John Macarthur, who died from a blow to the back of his head when he wasn't looking.

Where was general MacArthur going when he said he shall return?

MCdonalds they got mad at MacArther because he didnt bring and chicken nuggets back for the village.

What happened to General MacArthur during the Korean War?

He came back home because peple keap askin why is he still making the war so long

What did General Douglas MacArthur want to do to gain victory in the Korean war?

South Korea was on the verge of losing the Korean War. However, USA felt that if South Korean was taken over by the Communists then Japan was not too far away from being attacked. They decided to send large number of troops to South Korea and General Douglas MacArthur was the leader of the troops. Now, if you look at the Korean map. You can notice that Incheon is located in the left middle of the whole Korean peninsula. Douglas felt that if he were to attack Incheon, he could divide the North Korean armies, resulting in detoriation of the army. The attack is remembered as "Battle of Incheon". From the battle, the South Koreans and USA united raided the confused North Koreans and were about to unite the country when China stepped in. Roosevelt, the president of U.S then, decided not to mess with China, hence he ordered his troops to come back to U.S. MacArthur rebuffed his boss's order and stayed, resulting in his discharge.

When did Douglas mawson come back from antarctica?

douglas mawson came back from australia in 1913

How long did it take MacArthur to get back to the Philippines?

2 years

What did the American people feel about General MacArthur after President Truman fired him?

Many Americans regarded General MacArthur as a war hero after President Truman relieved him of his duties in the Korean War. He was given a hero's welcome back in the USA. This included a ticker tape parade in New York City. Much of his respect was due also to his victory in WW 2, but also for being aggressive in the Korean War. Truman had every right to fire MacArthur however.

Why was the Korean war very controversial topic for Americans?

General MacArthur wanted to continue north and invade North Korea which was under communist China's sway, but President Truman did not want to risk a war with China so he nixed the General's request. Truman recalled MacArthur back to American continent

What is a word meaning to go back on promise?

Some words that mean 'to go back on a promise' are:renegedefaultwelshweasel outworm out