What did George Washington do for the Quebec war?

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Washington took no part in the Quebec Campaign. Benedict Arnold, General Mongomery, and Daniel Morgan were the American commanders of that ill-advised fiasco.
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What did George Washington have to do with the French and Indian War?

George Washington was a young British officer at the age of 21. He was given the job of warning the French that they must leave the Ohio Valley, and also spied to find out how strong the French were. In 1754, his very first troops open fired on the French. They were the first shots of the war. The F ( Full Answer )

What wars did George Washington fight in?

Washington fought in both the French and Indian war and the revolutionary war. George Washington fought as an officer in the British Army in the French and Indian Wars and later as Commander-in-Chief of the (American) Continental Army in the American war of Independence (the Revolutionary War).

What war did George Washington lead?

Answer . the American Revolutionary War the American relovetion he became prientet in 1789-1797 he died in december14,1799

What did George Washington do after the war?

After the war Washington Went home to his Mount Vernon to his wife Martha Washington; George also told the town he was becoming blind. Then about 3-5 years later he died with a fever he was 67.

What was the war associated with George Washington?

George Washington was involved in the French and Indian war and The revolutionary war. The French and Indian war was about Britain fighting with the French over land west of the Appalachian mountains. Indians were involved as allies of the French because the French was trappers who traded with the I ( Full Answer )

When did George Washington win the war?

He won the revolutionary war in the winter of 1783, when he attacked on Christmas day, taking the British completely by surprise.

What wars were George Washington in?

George Washington was commissioned by the British Army as aLieutenant Colonel in the French and Indian War. He was thecommander in chief if the American colonists in the RevolutionaryWar.

What war is associated with George Washington?

The Revolutionary War was the one most people would associate with George Washington. But he also participated in the French and Indian War, fighting with the Virginia Militia in support of the British fighting the French (the opposite scenario occurred 11 years later in the American Revolution).

How many wars was George Washington in?

George Washington was in two wars. The French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War. He was only a field grade officer during the French and Indian War. He tried to become an officer in the British Army. However, he got denied. Then when America started to pull away from Britian, George Washingto ( Full Answer )

What did George Washington do after the Revolutionary War?

He became the first president of the United states of America. He wrote the US constitution and was part of the "Bill of Rights". He also served for two years as president then declined the third year and made it a law saying that the president can only serve for two years. He died December 14, 1799 ( Full Answer )

What did George Washington do in the Revolutionary war?

In the revolutionary war George Washington was the leader of all the soldiers in the 13 colonies. He led are country to great victory, and now we the people of America have our freedom. yes he was the leader of the patriots side (which is the American side)if he wasnt there the patriots would of l ( Full Answer )

Wars George Washington faught?

George Washington fought in several battles. The AmericanRevolution, the Battle of Brandywine, the Battle of Germantown andthe Battle of Fort Washington were among a few.

Was George Washington in the civil war?

No, George Washington was not alive during the civil war, but hewas a major part of the Revolutionary War. He was born in 1732 anddied in 1799. The Civil War didn't even begin until 1861.

Did George Washington fight in the war?

Yes. George Washington fought in two wars the French and Indian War(also known as the Seven Years War) from 1754-1763, and theAmerican Revolution War from 1775-1781.And he also fought in thewar of 1978

Was George Washington in World War 2?

No. George Washington lived from 1732 to 1799. World War 2 was from 1939 to 1945, about 200 years after George Washington lived.

Did George Washington like war?

No, but it was a part of his life. As a young man he tried to join the British Navy as a ship boy and his mother pulled him off the ship. In his 20's he became a British officer in the French and Indian war. I think he saw war and rank as a means to improve his station in life.

Which war was George Washington President?

George Washington served in the French and Indian Wars and had command of the Continental Army during the American War of independence. This was before he became President of the United States.. During his Presidency, the United States was not engaged in any war.

When was George Washington in the Revolutionary War?

George Washington was a Congressional delegate from Virginia when hostilities began in 1775. On June 15, the Continental Congress appointed him Commander-in-Chief of the colonial forces. The Americans were victorious and signed the Treaty of Paris on September 3, 1783. Washington gave up his militar ( Full Answer )

Why was George Washington a war hero?

George Washington led the American Revolutionary War as general. It is said that once he was in a bloody battle amongst the Native Americans and he was the only person that survived without a scratch--even his horses were killed while he was riding them.

How old was George Washington when he entered the war?

George Washington was 21 when he became a major in the Virginia Militia in 1753, and 22 when he fought in the prelude to the French and Indian War (1754-1758). Washington was 43 at the start of the Revolutionary War (1775-1783) and 51 when it ended. He led the Continental Army as its commander-in ( Full Answer )

Did George Washington want to be in the war?

He was certainly a Patriot and an old soldier. Few on this earth actually have a lust for warfare. Some classes and cultures have advanced it as a rite of passage just as some abhor war in any form. Washington may have seen it as inevitable and about 20% saw it as unjustified. A few of the best and ( Full Answer )

Was George Washington Carver in the Civil War?

George Washington Carver was born in 1864 near Diamond Grove, Missouri on the farm of Moses Carver. He was born into difficult and changing times near the end of the Civil War. He did not fight in the civil war but he was a person suffering from it.

What was George Washingtons impact on the Revolutionary War?

He led many groups of untrained farmers/continental soldiers to attack the British, though they lost some battles, they won some very important battles, without him the Americans probably wouldn't have won the war.

Was George Washington a war leader?

yes, he was a general in the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary war where America gained their Independence from England.

Did George Washington ever go to war?

George Washington fought in the French & Indian Wars, and was the Commander and Chief of Colonial Forces during the Revolutionary War.