What did George Washington do for the Quebec war?

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Washington took no part in the Quebec Campaign. Benedict Arnold, General Mongomery, and Daniel Morgan were the American commanders of that ill-advised fiasco.
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What did George Washington do after the Revolutionary War?

He became the first president of the United states of America. He wrote the US constitution and was part of the "Bill of Rights". He also served for two years as president the

What did George Washington do in the Revolutionary war?

In the revolutionary war George Washington was the leader of all the soldiers in the 13 colonies. He led are country to great victory, and now we the people of America have ou

Was George Washington in the civil war?

No, George Washington was not alive during the civil war, but hewas a major part of the Revolutionary War. He was born in 1732 anddied in 1799. The Civil War didn't even begin

Did George Washington fight in the war?

Yes. George Washington fought in two wars the French and Indian War(also known as the Seven Years War) from 1754-1763, and theAmerican Revolution War from 1775-1781.And he als

Did George Washington want to be in the war?

He was certainly a Patriot and an old soldier. Few on this earth actually have a lust for warfare. Some classes and cultures have advanced it as a rite of passage just as some
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Was there a war when George Washington was president?

No. The Revolutionary War ended before the new government was set up and Washington became the first President. Britain and France were busy fighting each other in Europe.