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George Washington was born in February 22, 1732 and die in December 14, 1799. George Washington became known as "The Father of Our Country". He was call The Father of Our Country" because he crated earliest days. He is an important person in the history of the United States.

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Q: What did George Washington do in his life?
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What was George Washington career in life?

what was george washington career in life?

How was George Washington Carver life like?

George W. Washington was a slave.

What type of home life did George Washington have?

George washington is a great man

How did George Washington spiritual life affected to his term of office?

how does george washington spiritual life affected life to his term of office

Who was Martha Washington and what was her life like?

Martha Washington was George Washington's first wife. Her life after she married George Washington, she felt trapped like in prison.

What was life like for George Washington before his dad died?

When was George Washington dad die?

Can you show me books of George Washington Carver?

A weed is a flower: The Life Of George Washington Carver

Can George Washington come back to life?

No. George Washington died on December 14, 1799.

What was George Washington's life like growing up?

life was hard for George Washington

What did George Washington do in his after life?

After dying, George Washington was buried. More specifics require consultation with his ghost.

What hardships did George Washington have?

The hardship in george washingtons life is the war...

What was George Washington presidents life?


What were some obstacles that George Washington Carver had?

George Washington Carver faced obstacles such as slavery and racism throughout his life.

What state was George Washington?

George Washington resided his whole life in Virginia. His adult home is called Mount Vernon.

How long did George Washington farm?

All his life?

What did George Washington adult life like?

i guess he had an excellent adult life

George Washington what will be a good topic sentence for his life?

George Washington's Childhood and Youth

What is a good title for a report on the early life of George Washington?

George Washington's Youth

What books were made about George Washington?

There are countless books about George Washington. If you are looking for biographies on the first president, these are five of the best about him:His Excellency: George Washington - by Joseph EllisWashington: A Life - by Ron ChernowWashington: The Indispensable Man - by James T. Flexner1776 - by David McCulloughGeorge Washington: A Biography - by Washington Irving

Where has George Washington lived most of his life?

George Washington has resided at the Washington family vault, at Mount Vernon, Virginia, United States for the last 211 years.

Where did George Washington Carver live most of his life?

In Missouri.

George Washington adult life?

he became the first president

How do you explain the significance of George Washington?

Look at what he accomplished in his life.

What are major events in George Washington life?

the american revolution

What influenced Abraham Lincoln's life the most?

George Washington