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Martha Washington (1731-1802), known as "Lady Washington" during her lifetime, was the wife of the first President of the United States, George Washington. Martha Washington is also considered the first First Lady of the United States, although the term "First Lady" wasn't coined until after her death. Questions and answers about the first First Lady can be found in this category.

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Martha Washington

Did Martha Washington and George Washington have children?

They did not have children together but, they raised together marthas past marriages children.

Martha Washington

How did Martha Washington change the way you live?

she made a difference by helping the sick, wounded, frost bitten, and starving to death soldiers and if she did not we could have not won the war and we would still be under British rule

Martha Washington

What is a one and one-half cent Martha Washington stamp worth?

These are still very common - worth no more than 2 cents.

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Who did George Washington marry?

Martha Dandridge Custis (June 2, 1731 - May 22, 1802) was George Washington's wife. She was a widow. Her first husband was Daniel Parke Curtis (1711-1757). They had four children together. She inherited much of Custis's Virginia property.

She married George Washington on January 6, 1759.

The Washingtons had no children of their own but cared for her two surviving children: "Patsy" (died 1773) and John (died 1781) and for Martha's two grandchildren from John.

Martha Washington

Why did Martha Washington dislike great Britain?

becuase they were greeddy

Martha Washington

How did Martha Washington die?

Martha Washington died with a high fever of 105.3 and heart failure.

She died at age 70, on May 22, 1802. She was depressed after George died and more of less wasted away.

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Where did George Washington live?

George Washington spent most of his life at his estate known as Mount Vernon, located on the Potomac River in northern Virginia.

Martha Washington

Why was Martha Washington famous?

obviously because she was the first, first lady of the U.S. and she married George Washington and she cooked meals by herself for the whole Virgina army +George and was a great and awesome lady.

Martha Washington

Is Martha Washington alive?

Martha washington died because she stop growing as a grandma but george washington was the first one to die in the family

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How did Martha and George Washington become Federalists?

1Martha's views are probably unknown. General Washington however, having been the president of the Constitutional Convention and having exercised considerable influence over the shaping of the document, naturally was a strong supporter of its ratification. It would hardly be rational to preside over the convention, sign his name to the document, send it to the states for ratification and then come out against it, now would it?

Michael Montagne

2To further elaborate. I agree with everything but the strongsupporter. George Washington wanted to return to Virginia at the conclusion of the war. He was begged to preside over the Grand Convention, and again to be the 1st president - after refusing the crown (what they had worked out, they needed George Washington to be involved in - due to his legendary popularity). George Washington was involved in a lot of the prior discussion, and did a lot of correspondence by mail that lead to the establishment of the constitution. Federalists were the result of the framers not being able to create a republic due to the colonies modularity. The constitution, after resolutions, created a federalism instead of a republic. The general idea was to create a strong centralized government, until the constitutions effect on trade and the economy came into effect; Also, they needed to find a way to smooth the diversity caused from the modularity. In the "secret" deliberations, it was concluded that they must create a federal union - and they needed a compromise in order to make it work. The Great Compromise was the resolution that was created, as were others - but the Great Compromise was the primary issue needing attention. Anti-Federalists, as they were coined, used the issues that were debated as launching tools to put themselves into office. Thomas Jefferson, was bitter on his lack of mnemonics and felt left out.

George Washington's compromise: Gaining a stranglehold on iron ore and leasing the mines throughout Virginia, up the Nation's Road, and into the Ohio Valley. He had staked the land rich in iron ore as a surveyor, and as president put the land in his name. He then created a balance of power in the south... The armory at Harper's Ferry.

Note: federalist, is lower case. There technically was not a federalist party. The Republican Party, in its first life, was created by some who stood up for federalism. The anti-federalist movement was a ticket item for politicians of the day.

Eric J. Murphy

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Why did George Washington dislike Great Britain?

Not only was he fighting a war with them, but he still had bad feeling about them from his early years in the militia during the French and Indian War.

Martha Washington

What obstacles did Martha Washington have to overcome in order to achieve her goals?

She had to pass level four in minecraft but she couldn't and used hacks.

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How did Washington's leadership help the Americans win the American Revolution?

George Washington

Actually, he was a very unsuccesful general, and people didn't feel very good about him, but he proved himself useful, when he attacked the British on Christmas. The British wasn't ready for this, and were powned by him.

Martha Washington

Did Martha Washington have a pet?


Martha Washington

How many brother did Martha Washington have?

She had 3 brothers.

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Has Martha hart remarried?


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How long did George Washington live in Mount Vernon?

he went to live at Mount Vernon soon after his father's death in 1743, to live with his half-brother. He lived there off and on (going away for political work, war, presidency, etc.) and he died there (and is buried there) on December 14, 1799

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What was Martha Washington's role in the Revolutionary War?

Martha Washington's role in the Revolutionary War was to follow her husband George Washington around the battlegrounds and she also treated sick soldiers.

  • she was a aid
Martha Washington

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Martha Washington

What contributions did Martha Washington do?

Martha managed Mount Vernon, which due to her wealth became the most famous plantation in Virginia. She raised two children and two gandchildren. She established what the responsibilities of a First Lady should be. She supported and influenced America's founding father, the first president of the United States.

Martha Washington

What lasting effects did Martha Washington have on the lives of others?

the lasting effect of Martha Washington had was that she took care of them

Martha Washington

What is Martha Washington's impact on society?

One impactful event in Martha's life was when she helped out at Valley Forge. She helped bring suplies and medicines to the soldiers and organized womens groups to help sew the soldiers shirts and knit the stockings...

You can also google more information about Valley Forge to get information in-depth...

Hope this helped!!! :D

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Is Isaiah Washington Denzel's brother?

No, he is not. Denzel, has an older sister Lorice, and younger brother David.

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Where did George Washington get married?

George and Martha were married on January 6, 1759 at her home northwest of Williamsburg, VA.

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Did Sir Mix-a-lot go to school in NY at any time?

No, he attended a school in LA.


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