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When Germany invaded Poland, France and England declared war on Germany, this started WWll

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What event Cause Great Britain to declare war on Germany?

The event was Germany invading Poland.

Why did Hitler's pact with Stalin cause Britain and France to declare war on Germany in World War 2?

France and britain are ok with jews ,and I know for a fact that after ww2 german soldiers tried to hide with the jews to not be shot or killed.

What was the cause of friction between Great Britain and Germany?

Belgium was the cause of friction between Great Britain and Germany in WW1. Belgium and Great Britain were allied, so when Germany invaded Belgium, Great Britain was obligated to side with Belgium and declare war.

What event cause great Britain and France to declare war against Germany?

The Treaty of Versailles set up certain restrictions for Germany, such as a ban the creation of wartime materials. When Adolf Hitler rose to power, he defied many of these restrictions and entered the Sudetenland, which is an area between Germany and France controlled by France at the time. What triggered a declaration of war was the invasion of Poland by Germany. Due to the defensive pacts Britain and France had with Poland, they declared war on Germany. Before this, however, Britain and France tried to pacify the growing Germany through a process known as appeasement, but war soon followed as stated above

What country did Germany invade to cause war?

World War 2 started when Britain and France declared war on germany. France and Britain declared war on germany because hitler sent his army to invade Poland

Why was Britain and France the cause of war in Europe?

Britain & France fought against Germany in WW1 & WW2. I think it might be difficult to find a way of establishing that Britain & France caused War in Europe.

Did Germany marching into Luxembourg cause Great Britain to enter the war?

germany invaded belgium in order to march into france

What was the spark that led to the immediate cause of ww1?

The assassination of Austrian Archduke Ferdinand was the immediate cause of World War I. He was killed by a Serbian terrorist, which caused Austria to declare war on Serbia. Serbia was allied with Russia, who intervened, causing Germany to declare war on Russia, which caused France to declare war on Germany.

What is the effect on the cause Germany declares war on France?

Poland was allied to Franch and Britain, so germany had to wage war on those countries as well.

Why did Britain France and US disagree about the treatment of Germany after World War 1?

The three countries, Britain, France, and the U.S. each wanted long lasting piece but each leader wanted to achieve it in a different way. France wanted to cripple Germany so the country couldn't cause any more trouble. The U.S. felt as if it should let the UN take control of Germany and Britain warned against harsh punishment for Germany.

What was the cause for Germany's reparation payments to France in World War 1?

Britain and France wanted to weaken Germany. That was the main reason for including the reparations in the Treaty of Versailles (1919).

What was the policy that Great Britain and France followed to give Germany whatever it wanted to keep the peace?

Appeasement. France and and Great Britain Where not ready to go to war again 'cause they had just got out of WWI and they were going through the Great Depression.

What was the cause of great Britain coming into World War 1?

Britain had an alliance with Belgium. Belgium was invaded by Germany in order to advance on France. Therefore, Britain declared war on Germany and joined the Allied Powers. However, this was mainly an excuse to go to war. Really, Britain was opposed to Germany for many years since Germany started expanding itself as an overseas empire in 1885, which made Britain feel threatened. When World War I broke out, Britain jumped at the opportunity to fight Germany.

How did Adolf Hitler help cause World War 2?

Hitler didn't help cause it, he did cause it. He wanted to regain territory lost after losing World War 1. So when he invaded Poland, France and Britain had to help its ally and declared war on Germany. If Hitler didn't invade, France and Britain wouldn't have declared war.

How did the alliances help cause the World War I?

The alliances helped cause world war 1 because when Franz Ferdinand the Archduke of Austria-Hungary was assassinated along with his wife it caused Austria-Hungary to declare war on Serbia. This was what set off the alliances and all hell broke loose. Russia immediately jumped in to protect Serbia who they had an alliance with. Then Germany came in to protect Austria-Hungary and declared war first on Serbia but also on Russia and France. But to get to France it would need to go through Belgium and France and Britain declared war on Germany. The alliances were called the triple alliance and the triple entente. The triple alliance consisted of Germany, Austria and Italy. The triple entente included Britain, France and Russia.

What did Germany do to cause Great Britain To join WW1?

Germany invaded Belgium that was neutral

Where did Neville Chamberlain declare war on Germany?

cause Germany kept on demanding land from other nations claiming it was German

How was world war 1 a cause of World War 2?

Germany (under Hitler's rule) resented the reparations that Germany needed to pay after WWI. When Hitler came to power, he started developing the German military and conquering "German territory." Britain, France, and other western countries developed a policy of appeasement because no one wanted to fight another war. Eventually, Germany invaded Poland, and Britain and France declared war on Germany because Britain and France had an alliance with Poland. This lead to other countries declaring war.

How did nationalism and imperialism help cause World War 1?

Imperialism helped cause ww1 because the crave for a large empire such as Britains caused conflicts/arguments and tensions like the arms race between Britain and Germany + Britain and France almost broke out with fighting when Britain tried to conquer Africa from north to south and France from west to east and they met in the middle.

Who believed Germany had to be punished for World War 1?

The allied powers (Great Britain, France, Russia, And America) All made an agreement to make Germany pay war reparations for being the "Cause" of WWI

What did Germany do to cause World War 2?

The beginning of WW 2 was caused by the German invasion of Poland. Within a few days. France and Great Britain declared war on Germany. This began a world wide conflict.

What was the long term cause of the war involved in a contest for colonies?

The access to the baltic sea and raw materials in africa also greediness of france,germany&britain .(young lee)

Who did the US declare war on when they entered World War 2?

The United States was bombed by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor which cause a declaration of war but Germany had an alliance with Japan and it had forced the United States to declare war on Germany too. Then Germany had an alliance with Italy which cause the United States to declare war on yet another country. Then the world was at war and therefore World War 2 started.

What were the compelling circumstances or cause that led the US to declare war on Germany?

They didn't have to. On 11 December 1941, Germany declared war on the US.

What country did Hitler attack to cause great Britain to declare war?

Hitler and his SS assaulted and captured Poland, which sparked war between Britain and the Nazis.

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