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she became the blind,deaf.she wrote many type of article and book. among the other book her famous book is the story of my life. Helen Keller has become not only blind and deaf .she is model of human being

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Is Helen Keller still living?


Who rote Hellen Keller and who is it by?

Nobody "rote" Helen Keller. She was a living person, dumbness. And "who is it by?" is the same question, thus the same answer.

Did Helen Keller have a dog?

Yes, Helen Keller used a disabled living assistance dog. In fact, the dog was a Boston Terrier, named "Phiz"Helen Keller is dead..

How old would Helen Keller be if she was alive?

If Helen Keller were living to this day she'd be 128(posted the year of 2009)

Who is Lucas Keller?

Lucas Keller (born June 21, 1984) is an American music manager and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles, CA.

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Where was Helen Keller living when she died?

On June 1, 1968, at Arcan Ridge

Does Helen Keller have living relatives now?

Yes she does she has grandniece sand nephews

When did Helen Keller start living with Anne Sullivan?

march 3 1887

Does Hellen Keller still have relatives living today?

omg who the hell cares?

What did kate Adams Keller do for a living?

fought for confederate army during civil war

Is Helen Keller related to Joshua Keller?

NO Helen Keller is not related to Joshua Keller

What are the names for Helen kellers famliy?

captain keller , kate keller , adams keller ,and jody keller

What were the names of Helen's Keller parents?

Helen's Keller father name was Captain Arthur H. Keller Helen's Keller mother name was Katherine Adams Keller.

What are Helen Keller parents name?

kate adams keller and casper keller

Who is a famous dead women?

Rosa Parks and Helen Keller Rosa Parks and Helen Keller Rosa Parks and Helen Keller Rosa Parks and Helen Keller Rosa Parks and Helen Keller Rosa Parks and Helen Keller Rosa Parks and Helen Keller Rosa Parks and Helen Keller Rosa Parks and Helen Keller

Is Helen Keller related to Joshua Christopher Keller?

No. Helen Keller didnt have any relatives named Joshua Christopher Keller.

Where is the Keller Public Library in Keller located?

The address of the Keller Public Library is: 640 Johnson Rd, Keller, 76248 4136

What Helen Keller real name?

Helen Keller real name is Adam Keller!

Was cornelius Keller related to Helen Keller?


What is the name Keller English to Spanish?


Was James Keller related to Helen Keller?

Well, James Keller was Helen's half brother.