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To put it simply...he killed them

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Q: What did Hitler do to non-aryans?
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Whet is hitler?

a hitler is a movie actpor

How many sibilings did Hitler have?

Five.... they are: Gustav Hitler, Ida Hitler, Paula Hitler, Edmund Hitler

Is Hitler single?

No, Hitler is not single.

Did Adolf Hitler have any brothers or sisters?

Adolf Hitler was the fourth of six children of Alois and Klara Hitler. They are as follows:- Gustav Hitler- Ida Hitler- Otto Hitler- Adolf Hitler- Edmund Hitler- Paula HitlerHe has two half-siblings from his father's second marriage to his second wife:- Alois Hitler, Jr.- Angela Hitler

Is Hitler Hitler first name or last?

Hitler is the last name of Adolf Hitler.

When did Hitler?

When did Hitler what

What were Adolf Hitler parents called?

Alois Hitler and Klara HitlerAlois and Klara Hitler

Did George Washington kill Hitler?

No, Hitler killed Hitler.

Who is Hitler worse than Stalin?

If you mean: Was Hitler worse than Stalin or Who was worse, Hitler or Stalin? The answer is Hitler.

Who is the father of Hitler?

Aloise Shikelgruber or Hitler is the father of Adolf Hitler.

Is Adolf Hitler single?

No, Adolf Hitler is not single.

What did Hitler do for the holocust?

Adolph Hitler dreamed up the holocaust. Hitler planned the holocaust. Hitler supervised the holocaust.

What did Adolf Hitler do to Hitler?

Well sorry to disappoint you but Adolf Hitler and Hitler are the same people:) If you are speaking of the same person, Hitler killed Hitler in 1945 at the end of World War II in the European theatre. Culturally, Adolf Hitler made the surname "Hitler" unacceptable in most cultures.

When Hitler did rearm Germany how much did he rearm by?

1932 Hitler had 30 warships. By 1939 Hitler had 90 warships. 1932, Hitler had 36 aircraft's. By 1939 Hitler had 8,250 aircraft's. 1932, Hitler had 100,000 soldiers. By 1939 Hitler had 950,000 soldiers.

Was Hitler a Jew too?

No, Hitler was not Jewish. Hitler was an active Anti-Semite.

How long did Hitler Youth last?

Hitler Youth fell when Hitler fell.

Who were Hitler mom and dad?

His dad was Alois Hitler and his mum was Klara Hitler.

Is my dad Adolph Hitler?

my dad has got a mustasce like hitler is he hitler

Did the Nazis have the choice to join Hitler or were they chosen by Hitler?

They had the choice to join Hitler

Who are uneducated leaders?

hitler hitler

What did Hitler do to the disabled?

hitler did experiments on them !

Is Hitler a woman?

No, Hitler was a man.

Was Hitler peskiterian?

No, Hitler was a vegetarian.

Did Hitler have children who are they?

Hitler had no children.

Was Hitler a country?

No, Hitler was a person.