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Germany's hopes for world war 2Germany's main hopes for World War 2 were world domination, and genocide of the non-aryan races. the aryan race was based on the ideals of German legends. a member of the aryan race was typically blond haired blue eyed and tall. most of the targeted genocide was against the jewis race. thanks for reading this. ActuallyHe didn't set his sights quite that high. He wanted "living space" for ethnic Germans and super-power status for Germany. He would have been satisified to make most of Europe a part of Germany and have that area pure Aryan. He could tolerate most non-aryans (remember, he was allied with Italy and Japan) as long as they were outside of Germany and could be used to help accomplish his goals.
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What benefits did the French and British hope to gain from appeasement as well as what Hitler hoped to gain?

power with the allies

What did the US hope to gain from the War of 1812?

to gain the land of canada

Who has started a World War 2?

Hitler, adolf Hitler started world war two you can Google him! hope this information helps! =]

What did the hawks hope to gain from a war with Britain?


What did China hope to gain from World War 2?

to get laid

What did Canada hope to gain World War 2?


What did colonies hope to gain from World War 1?


Why did Hitler invade Poland in world war 2?

To gain what land which was lost from Germany after WW1

What did Hitler gain by occupying Norway and denmark during ww2?

Ports and food and chemicals for war

When did Hitler gain power?

Hitler gained power in 1933.

Why do you think Hitler sought allies in the late 1930s?

to try to gain more power for the war when they started to get defeated

What regions did President Polk hope to gain from war with Mexico?

California and the Southwest.

What did Germany hope to gain from World War 1?

they hoped to gain parts of the world, leadership and peace (i think and know)

Why did Hitler started a war?

Please read my answer on the link below. Hitler started the war to gain European lands for his own rule and to gain their oil and other natural resources. Germany did not have any oil wells. He also wanted to create a pure Aryan race in all of Europe. So he killed off the Jews. (now read my previous answer that will fill you in on more about Hitler)

How did Jews hope the war world 2 will end?

Hitler dead and mass amounts of money

How did Hitler cause war during World Wars 1 and 2?

Answer Hitler did not cause WW1. He did enlist and serve in the Army. Hitler became Prime Minister of Germany and re-armed it for war in the 1930's. He wanted to gain land and power and this eventually ignited WW2. See other Q's & A's about Hitler.

Why was Hitler the Germans' last hope?

The Germans may have viewed Hitler as their last hope because at the time Hitler came into power they were suffering and economic depression. Germany was broken from World War I and the reparations they were charged with. Hitler promised to restore Germany's economy and to build a strong country.

What did Hitler gain from the anschluss?


What tear did Hitler gain control of Germany?

Hitler became chancellor in 1933.

Why and when did Hitler go to war?

Hitler went to war yesterday

What do you hope to gain from this CNAclass?

What do you hope to gain from this cna class?

What did the Americans hope to gain in the War of 1812?

they wanted to gain exporting back, and enforce their independence. thats what i put on my packet but im not sure...

What changes in germany obscured peoples judgment about hitler?

He provided a way for them to gain power they lost due to World War One.

Which country started the world war second?

Russia started the second world war, this was the time when Hitler invaded Poland. Hope this helped (:

Why did people get involved with the world war 2?

Because they hated Hitler Actually Hitler was a very smart leader and the Allies knew that they needed to stop him because they knew the power he could gain.