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What did Hitler hope to gain by the war?

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September 13, 2011 11:43PM

Germany's hopes for world war 2

Germany's main hopes for world war 2 were world domination, and genocide of the non-aryan races. the aryan race was based on the ideals of German legends. a member of the aryan race was typically blond haired blue eyed and tall. most of the targeted genocide was against the jewis race. thanks for reading this.


He didn't set his sights quite that high. He wanted "living space" for ethnic Germans and super-power status for Germany. He would have been satisified to make most of Europe a part of Germany and have that area pure Aryan. He could tolerate most non-aryans (remember, he was allied with Italy and Japan) as long as they were outside of Germany and could be used to help accomplish his goals.