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Q: What did James Chadwick use to discover neutrons?
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What did Oliver Headley discover?

how to use the sun to produce energy

How do you use the word particle in a sentence?

The particles in an atom are the protons, the neutrons, and the electrons.

How can you use neutron in a sentence?

When the physicist started talking about protons and neutrons, I started to daydream.

How do power plants create nuclear power?

Nuclear power plants use a radioactive fuel, usually Uranium-235. This fuel is placed inside tubes inside a reactor. Inside this core neutrons are bombarding the Uranium-235 splitting the atoms which gives off a heat as well as other neutrons. Those neutrons go to split other atoms creating more heat and more neutrons. This loop continues creating heat and neutrons.

How many neutrons are in the atom of Hydrogen?

The number of neutrons in a hydrogen atom will depend on which isotope of hydrogen we consider. Not all hydrogen atoms have the same number of neutrons. The vast majority of hydrogen atoms (over 99.98%) have no neutrons at all. Some have 1 (and this is called deuterium) and some have 2 (called tritium). These two isotopes occur naturally but are rare, as can be seen.To determine the number of neutrons in an atom, you must use the mass number, which is the sum of the number of protons and the number of neutrons. Since the atomic number of the element (for H, the atomic number is 1) tells you the number of protons, you can find the number neutrons by subtraction.See the Related Questions to the left for how to count the number of protons, neutrons and electrons in any atom of any element.

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What equipment did James chadwick use to discover the atom?

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What did Johann galle use to discover Neptune?

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How many electrons and neutrons does a carbon have?

6 protons 6 neutrons 6 electrons. If you can use Wikianswers then you should know how to use Google

In Victorian times what did James Simpson discover?

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Can you use the word discover in a sentence?

How can you discover the way to a city? When she looks down she will discover that she is standing on a ten dollar bill. He wants to discover a new element.

What equation do you use to find the number of neutrons in an element?

Number of neutrons = mass number - number of protons

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When did we use oil?

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2 words you use this number to to find the number of neutrons?

Number of neutrons = Mass number - Number of protons

How do you subtract neutrons in an atom?

Number of Neutrons = Mass Number - Atomic Number

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