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The Bataan Death March. The Filipino troops who fought alongside the Americans and were captured with them actually fared even worse on the Death March.

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The Bataan Death March

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Q: What did Japan force American soldiers to walk to POW camps in in the Philippines during WW2?
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Where were American soldiers subjected to the horrifying bataan death march?

The Bataan Death march occurred in the Philippines and ended in Camp O'Donnell of the Philippines. Some POWs were taken to Japan.

Why is the Philippines important to the US?

The Philippines were important to the US during the Second World War. During which, America used the placement of the Philippines to combat Japan in it's Pacific Ocean quest. Afterward, it granted the Philippines independence from its control acquired in the Spanish-American War.

Which European country controlled the Philippines in 1914?

No European country controlled the Philippines in 1914. Spain controlled the Philippines until the Spanish-American War in 1898. After this, the United States controlled the Philippines until Japan seized them during World War II.

Who was the American general forced by japan to retreat from the Philippines?

General Douglas MacArthur Was the Field Marshal for the Philippines.

Are the climates of japan and Philippines are similar or different?

No. They don't have the same climate. But during summers in Japan, the climate is similar to Philippines.

Why did Japan Conquer Philippines during World war II?


What country occupied the Philippines during World War 2?


Who were the most powerful soldiers during the feudal era of japan?

The Samurai

Did American soldiers approve of bombing japan?

Yes they hated the Japanese enough to the point that they celebrated the bombing of Japan.

Did Mexico ever fought Japan?

Yes, during World War 2 Mexico fought against Japan during the Philippines campaign on the Pacific.

What were the different fronts soldiers from the US were fighting on during World War 2?

American soldiers were fighting on the European front against Germany (this front often includes those fighting in Africa) and the Pacific front against Japan.

Did the Philippines fight against Japan?

Yes the Philippines, as part of the US, fought against the Japanese during World War 2.