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He wanted the President to be called, "His Highness the President of the United States and Protector of the Rights of the Same." But Washington wanted to be called Mr. President.

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Q: What did John Adams think the President should be called?
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Why was John Adams called big tub?

I don't think that John Adams was called Big Tub . I think it was a different President who was called that. But I may be wrong. Sorry i didn't help much.

Why did Henry Clay put John Quincy Adams for president if Andrew Jackson should have been president?

Obviously Clay did not think that Jackson should be president. He did not think that Jackson had the kind of experience that a president needed and thought the Adams did. He also wanted to be president himself someday soon and knew that Adams would appoint him to the office of secretary of state, which at that time was the stepping stone to the presidency.

Was John Adams a lawyer after being president?

Adams was a lawyer by profession but I do not think he did any legal work after he was President.

What was Abigail Adams son name who was a president?

I'm just guessing but I think it was John Adams

Why isn't Samuel Adams president?

I think it is because he is dead/passed on

Why is John Quincy Adams famous?

They are kinda the same but said different. one sounds like someone that can't talk and the other does sound right.

Who is Abigail Adam?

Abigail Adams was the wife of John Adams. And the second President of the United States. And the mother of John Quincy Adams. And the sixth President of the United States. That's a lot of stuff if you ask me. And you know what i think...i think you all are the greatest volunteer who asks questions and even answers them.Is the wife of the John Adams and mom of John Quincy Adams

Where did John Adams studied?

I think you should google that one.

Who is the first present to live in the white house?

i think you typed wrong and it was john Adams our second president

How was John Adams elected vice president?

John Adams was elected VP because although he got the popular vote, he lost the Electoral Votes which primarily chooses the President.

Was John Adams a vice president Bleep?

He shot and killed his political opponent Alexander Hamilton, so what do you think?

Do you think President John Adams should have pushed for war with France?

No- wars are always costly and the United States was in no position to take on France at that time. The situation was complicated father by an ongoing conflict with Britain.