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Q: What did Martin Luther believe about people and their relationship with God?
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Who did Martin Luther King Jr believe in?

people people people

What did martin Luther king believe people were?

He believed that all people were equal!!

Martin Luther King want people to believe?

Martin Luther King Jr. wants people to believe that we all are made equally that people should not be colored by the color of their skins but by their personality and characteristic.

Why did people believe in Martin Luther king Jr?

by having faith

How was Martin Luther determined - Martin Luther King?

Martin Luther and Martin Luther King are completely different people.

How did Martin Luther King jr have an effect on others?

I believe Martin Luther King Jr had a massive effect on people all around the world

Was Martin Luther King Jr born in Germany as Martin Luther?

Martin Luther King and Martin Luther are two completely different people. Martin Luther King was born in the United States.

Was Martin Luther King Jr. an African-American?

Yes, Martin Luther King, Jr. was an African-American.No most people believe that he was an african american but he was actually a white male.

What did people think of Martin Luther King?

People thought of martin Luther king as a man who made freedom

Why do people celebarate Martin Luther King Jr day?

People celebrate Martin Luther King Day to honor the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

What do other people think about Martin Luther King JR?

some people think that Martin Luther King JR is bad and some people think that Martin Luther King JR is good

What is the background of Martin Luther King Jr.?

why was martin Luther king famous why was martin Luther king famous why was martin Luther king famous he was famous for making black people as important as white

What did Martin Luther King do help people?

Martin Luther king stopped segregation between black and white people.

What did Martin Luther King Jr inspire people to do?

Martin Luther King inspired people to fight for what they believe in not physically ofcourse but through a thing called "Passive Resistence". He has inspired these people by never giving up and succeeding in his speech "I have a dream".

Which of the following statements did Martin Luther King believe?

People who break the law must be willing to pay the penalty.

Who started the protest reformation?

Martin Luther. This is not Martin Luther King Jr. They are two different people

What was Martin Luther's dream?

Martin Luther King's dream was to let white and colored people be together

What did Martin Luther think people needed to do in order to save their souls?

Martin Luther believed, contrary to the Bible, and all of Christian history, that people only needed to believe strongly enough and they could sin as much and as often as they liked.

Who opposed Martin Luther King-?

People who believed that the races should be kept separate were opposed to Martin Luther King. People who believed that black people shouldn't get the same rights as white people also opposed Martin Luther King.

What was Martin Luther King's dream?

Martin Luther King's dream was to let white and colored people be together

Did people hate Martin Luther King Jr.?

yes they did but when martin Luther king spock up they agred

Why people followed Martin Luther King?

people followed martin luther king cause he was strong,poerful and always thinking about peoplefirst and then him

How did Martin Luther effect on people?

Martin Luther began the Protestant Reformation against the Catholic Church. Martin Luther King led the Civil Rights Movement. Which do you mean?

What relationship did Rosa Parks have with Martin Luther King Jr?

after she refused to give up her seat she went to jail and the news about her spread quickly that's when people boycotted led by MLK martin Luther king jr (the second)

Was Martin Luther King Jr jnr the same as Martin Luther King Jr?

When people talk about Martin Luther King, they nearly always mean Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Sr. (nicknamed "Daddy King") was his father. Martin Luther King III was one of King Jr.'s sons.