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Q: What did Nether land have in common with Jamestown?
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What did Nether-land have in common with Jamestown?


What is the currency of Nether land?

Euro. €

What island is willemstad located on?

nether land

What island willemstad located on?

nether land

Free land was given to who in Jamestown?

who received free land in Jamestown

Where does Janine Jansen live?

somewhere in nether land

Do parrots live in water or land?

Nether land nor water. They live in air.

Where did Jamestown settle?

Jamestown was settled on a marsh land.

Who found the new nether-land?

Dutch. That is why it is called New Netherlands.

Where is the land of Jamestown?

Today, Jamestown is located on an island in the James River.

Why did the colonist in Jamestown fight the Powhatan?

because the powhatans took land from the jamestown.. i think

Along What river was the Dutch Colony Of new Nether-land Established?

Hudson River