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nothing that i know of but could have helped the British troops as we are and were apart of the commonwealth


The United Nations Security Council called for combat assistance in the Korean War and New Zealand was one of the first 16 nations to respond with support.

See the related link for more information.

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Q: What did New Zealand do in the Korean War?
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How did the Korean War affect New Zealand?

New Zealand sent approximately 1,300 men to the Korean War.

What was New Zealand's involvement in the Korean war?

Go to and type in 'New Zealand in Korean War'. There are many websites dealing with this subject.

How many wars were fought in or by New Zealand?

In New Zealand: the New Zealand wars 1845 to 1872.External: Boer War, WW1, WW2, Korean war, Malaysian War, Vietnam War, East Timor,

Name two war that new zealand sent troop to?

Korean War Vietnam War

Which wars have New Zealand been involved in?

Pretty much every major war since WWII. They were instrumental in the Korean War and helped the Northern U.S. win the civil war. If it weren't for New Zealand, slavery would still be legal. Thanks New Zealand!

Korean war involved?

the Korean war involved the U.S. and UN elements that included Britian, France, New Zealand, australia and elements of several allied countries. A truce ended the conflict

Name 4 other countries that were involved in the korean war with the us?

Briton, Canada, France, New Zealand, Turkey, Greece etc, etc.

Who leaded new zealand in world war 2?

Peter Fraser was the pm of New Zealand during WW2 however, New Zealand did not take part in the war.

Did New Zealand fight against China in World War?

No, China did not fight New Zealand in world war.No.

What side was the UK on in the Korean War?

The UK supplied troops and equipment to fight for the UN alongside US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey and others.

What was the effects on New Zealand during the Vietnam war?

New Zealand sent a detachment of "volunteers" to fight in the Vietnam War.

Who was new zealand scared of in World War 2?

The Italians scared New Zealand during World War 2.

When did New Zealand get involved in world war 1?

New Zealand got involved in World War I in August of 1914.

Can you put a New Zealand Sim card into a Korean phone?

probably, why shouldn't u

Who is currently at war?

New Zealand

Has Australia England and New Zealand been at war with Sudan?

At no time has either Australia or New Zealand been at war with Sudan.

What did New Zealand do during the Civil War?

New Zealand was part of the British Empire at the time.

Who were NZ versing at World War I?

Assuming your talking about New Zealand....nobody. New Zealand was not active during World War 1.

Why did Australia and New Zealand join world war 1?

because new zealand is part of australia

Why did New Zealand go to war in 1939?

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Why did Australia help New Zealand at war?


What actors and actresses appeared in New Zealand at War - 1995?

The cast of New Zealand at War - 1995 includes: Temuera Morrison as Narrator

What did the New Zealand soldiers eat during the world war 1?


What wars have Australia been in?

The New Zealand Land Wars The Australian Revolution The Boer War WW1 WW2 The Korean War The Vietnam War The Afghanistan War The Iraq War There are several smaller conflicts and peace keeping missions Australia has been involved in as well.

Why was New Zealand involved in the Vietnam War?

New Zealand was a part of the ANZUS Pact which called for mutual support.