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Q: What did Nikolai Tesla do to get him killed?
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Was Nikolai Tesla Better than Thomas Edison?

Thomas Edison was actually jealous of Nikolai Tesla because Tesla was smarter

What are the accopmlishments of Nikolai tesla?

There are many acomplishments that nikolai tesla did. He Invented many things such as moter, coils and the plasma bulb. Um that is all I can think of now!

When did Nikolai Tesla invented light bulbs?

Nikolai Tesla did not invent light bulbs. That was done by a number of other people, each improving on previous ideas.

Was Nikolai Tesla murdered?

No. He died from a heart attack at age 86.

Who discovered alternating current?

Nikolai Tesla Nikola Tesla view the Wikipedia article here

Who changed daily life in the US by inventing a working light bulb?

Nikolai Tesla

What actors and actresses appeared in Free Energy of Tesla - 2011?

The cast of Free Energy of Tesla - 2011 includes: Mikhail August as Westinghouse Nikolai Gerasimenko as Morgan Victor Kuznetsov as Nikola Tesla Tatyana Perizhok as Reporter

Who invented the way of giving electricity to everyone in a large city?

I believe it was the unfortunately under-appreciated and eccentric Nikolai Tesla.

Why was Anastasia killed?

She was killed to end the Romanov rule in Russia during Nikolai Lenin's revolution.

Who killed Nikola Tesla?

Pimpin' Mastah Thug Smallz IV

What actors and actresses appeared in Who Killed the Maya - 2006?

The cast of Who Killed the Maya - 2006 includes: Nikolai Grube as himself

What high school or college was Nikola Tesla educated?

After his father's death in 1879, Tesla found a package of letters from his professors to his father, warning that unless he were removed from the school, Tesla would be killed through overwork. During his second year, Tesla came into conflict with Professor Poeschl over the Gramme dynamo, when Tesla suggested that commutators weren't necessary. At the end of his second year, Tesla lost his scholarship and became addicted to gambling.

Cuando crearon el radio y quien lo hizo?

Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian, is credited with the invention of the radio in about 1897. Nikolai Tesla also worked on the invention separately.

Who is the most powerful person on Call Of Duty Black Ops?

Richthofen, think about it, he killed Dr. Maxis, brainwashed Dempsey, Nikolai, and Takeo, killed the entire group 935, He's POWERFUL!

Who was Nikola Tesla family?

Nikola's parents were his father Rev. Milutin Tesla his mother was Djuka Mandic Tesla. His brother was His siblings were Dane Tesla, Milka Tesla, Marica Tesla and Angelina Tesla.

Where were Nikola Tesla's parents born?

Tesla's parents were Djuka Mandic Tesla and his father Rev. Milutin Tesla. Tesla's parents were Serbian.

What did Nikola Tesla do as a child?

Nikola was the fourth of five children, having one older brother and three sisters, Milka, Angelina and Marica. Dane, who was killed in a horse-riding accident when Nikola was five, made Nikola to become the older brother of the Tesla's silibins.

What is the birth name of Nikolai Kovalsky?

Nikolai Kovalsky's birth name is Kovalsky, Nikolai Petrovich.

What is the birth name of Nikolai Kozlovsky?

Nikolai Kozlovsky's birth name is Kozlovsky, Nikolai Feofanovich.

What is the birth name of Nikolai Kulchitsky?

Nikolai Kulchitsky's birth name is Kulchitsky, Nikolai Leonidovich.

What is the birth name of Nikolai Kurbatov?

Nikolai Kurbatov's birth name is Nikolai Ivanovich Kurbatov.

What is the birth name of Nikolai Makovsky?

Nikolai Makovsky's birth name is Makovsky, Nikolai Lyudvigovich.

What is the birth name of Nikolai Maletsky?

Nikolai Maletsky's birth name is Maletsky, Nikolai Leonidovich.

What is the birth name of Nikolai Markin?

Nikolai Markin's birth name is Markin, Nikolai Aleksandrovich.

What is the birth name of Nikolai Litus?

Nikolai Litus's birth name is Litus, Nikolai Ignatyevich.