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What did Pascal invent in 1642?

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Pascal invented the numerical wheel calculator called the Pascaline to help his father count taxes.

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What year did blaise pascal invent the calculator?


When did Blaise Pascal invent the calculator?

Blaise Pascal didn't invent THE calculator, but he invented a calculation device named the "Pascaline" in 1642. This invention was used to calculate taxes in France until 1799.

Why did Blaise Pascal invent the calculator?

Blaise Pascal invented the Pascaline in 1642, a device used to calculate taxes in France, which was used until 1799.

When did Blaise Pascal invented the Pascaline?

Blaise Pascal invented the 'Pascaline' in the year 1642

Who invented pascaline and when?

Blaise Pascal along with Wilhelm Schickard was one of two inventors of the mechanical calculator in the early 17th century. Pascal designed the machine in 1642.

The arithmetic machine was discovered by blaise pascal in?

in 1642

When was the adding mechine invented?

Blaise Pascal in 1642

When did Pascal Blaise make his invention?

1642 - 1645

When was the Pascaline invented?

The Pascaline was invented in 1642 by Blaise Pascal.

What is the name of calculator invented by Blaise pascal in 1642?

The Pascaline

Who made the caculater?

Blaise Pascal invented the calculator in 1642, France

In 1642 the first accurate mechanical calculator was invented by?

Blaise Pascal

When was the pascal machine developed?

In 1642 Blaise Pascal who was both a mathematician and a philosopher invented a very basic adding machine

What made pascal invent pascal's law?

ask pascal for more details

In 1642 blaise pascal devloped a machine called?

a mechanical adding machine.

Did blaise pascal invent the syringe?

yes he did

What did blaise pascal invent in 1645?

the calculator

Why did Blaise Pascal invent pascals triangle?

Pascal didn't invent pascals triangle, he just made It popular. A Chinese mathematician invented it in about 1015.

What year did Andrew piscal invent the adding machine?


Who is blaise pascal what is he descoverd?

I believe he was a mathematician who invented the mechanical adding machine in 1642.

What did Blaise Pascal invent first?

Blaise Pascal invented the first calculator and Pascals triangle.

What did pascal invent?

The hydraulic press and syringes xx

When did Blaise Pascal invent the first gear?


Who invent calculater?

Blaise Pascal. He called it the PASCALINE.

When did Galileo galiel invent a telescope?

Galileo invented the telescope in 1642

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