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Q: What did Puritans believe?
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What was a strong protestant called?


Why did the Puritans believe they were the chosen people?

the puritans believe they were chosen by god

Did the puritans and the Quakers believe in educating there children?

did the quakers and the puritans believe in educating there children

Why were the English puritans religiuos dissenters?

The puritans did not believe in that the religion was rightouse or fair, they were tied of being tolled to do what to believe.. causing them to separate from the church and becoming puritans "pure".

Which colony did the Puritans belong to?

The Puritans were more common in the North Colonies, I believe.

What do Puritans believe in?


Did Puritans believe they sinned if they were one of the lucky predestined ones?

1. What did the Puritans believe in? 1. What did the Puritans believe in?

Did the puritans believe in god?


Did Puritans believe in demons?


What did the puritans believe about bishops?


Did puritans believe in predestination?

The puritans first belief was predestination and that the bible was God's true law.

Where did the Pilgrims and Puritans once live?

I believe the pilgrims and puritans lived in and around Boston and Salem Mass

Why did Puritans believe humanity was damned?

The Puritans believed that humanity was damned because of Adam and Eve's sins.

What is another name for puritans?

I believe its "Quakers"

What God did the Puritans believe in?

The Christian God.

What type of government did the puritans believe in?


How did the puritans believe god revealed himself?

The Puritans believe that God revealed himself to people through the Bible and through all aspects of the physical world.

Did puritans really believe in witchcraft and the supernatural?

Yes, the puritans in the 17th century believed in the supernatural and the existence of witches.

What did puritans not believe in?

They did not believe in extending religious rights to others. They wanted them only for themselves.

What did puritans did not believe in?

They did not believe in extending religious rights to others. They wanted them only for themselves.

Did the puritans of Massachusetts believe in freedom of religion?


Who were the leaders in the new England colonies?

i believe it was the Puritans

Did the puritans believe in religious tolerance?

No. They were very opposed to it.

Did the Puritans in Massachusetts believe in complete freedom of religion?


Did puritans believe in marriage before God?