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Romeo said that he needed to go into the tomb to recover the ring he had given Juliet. However once there he drank the poison he had bought.

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Romeo stated that he was planning to retrieve a ring from Juliet's finger in the tomb.

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Q: What did Romeo say he was intending to recover from the tomb?
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What does Romeo say when he encounters Paris at the Capulet's tomb?

He says for Paris to walk away and leave him be.

What does Montague say happened to his wife when he comes to the Capulet tomb?

he tells them that she died due to the grief she was going through with romeo's banishment.:)

Why is Romeo crying?

Romeo is crying because he believes Juliet is dead. Juliet's family has arranged for her to marry Paris, so Romeo goes to her tomb to say goodbye. When he sees her seemingly lifeless body, he is devastated and believes she is truly dead.

What causes Romeo and Paris to fight?

When Paris sees Romeo hanging around the Capulets' family crypt, he assumes because Romeo is a Montague that he is there to do something rude and indecent to the graves of the Capulets. He refuses to listen to one word Romeo offers in explanation and insists on fighting him. You know how they say "assume makes an ass of u and me"; well, it not only made Paris an ass, it made him dead.

When Romeo goes into the tomb what does he say about Juliet's appearance?

She is so lifelike! This is a remark often heard at open coffin funerals, rarely with the justification in the case of Juliet (that she was in fact still alive)

How do you say recover in french?

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How do you say Romeo in German?


What does the braille in registeels tomb say and how do you open the door in the tomb?

use flash in the middle of the tomb

How do you say recover in Latin?

The latin word for recover is Recupero.

What does Juliet say to Romeo in Romeo and Juliet?

A lot.

What does Juliet mean when she say Oh Romeo o Romeo where art thou Romeo?

She means "Where are you, Romeo?"

What the characters think or say about Romeo?

they say a lot of things but the most of the all of is that Romeo likes juliet