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he helped out oher countries during World War 2 with supplies.

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Q: What did Roosevelt do to relief the depression?
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Franklin d roosevelt proposed a massive package of depression relief called?


Roosevelt stragety to end the Great Depression what are the three R's?

Relief Recovery Reform

What was the first thing roosevelt believed should be done to fight the depression?

provide relief

What were the three Rs of President Franklin D. Roosevelt program to end the depression?

Relief, Reform, Recovery.

What were the three Rs of president Franklin D. Roosevelt's programs to end the depression?

relief, recovery, and reform.

What were the three R of President Franklin D Roosevelt program to end the depression?

Relief, Recovery, and Reform.

What did us president Franklin D Roosevelt call his massive package of depression relief?

New Deal

Did President Franklin Roosevelt send out the Red Cross during the Great Depression?

I am not sure what you want to know. The Red Cross is a private relief organization. They are not under control of the President and they decide where to focus their relief efforts.

How did Franklin D. Roosevelt get the U.S out of the Great Depression?

Franklin Roosevelt did not get the US out of the great depression he streached out the depression and made it worse. We may be in for a very long depression if Obama tries to do the same things that Roosevelt did. Look how long the Roosevelt depression lasted.

Who was involved in the New Deal?

The New Deal was created by Franklin Roosevelt to deal with the Great Depression and provided fro Relief, Recovery and Reform.

What cause was Eleanor Roosevelt dedicated to during the Great Depression?

Civil Rights Under pressure from the NAACP and Eleanor Roosevelt, and other minority leaders, the New Dealers made sure Blacks shared in relief programs.

Who was Franklin D Roosevelt's chief administrator of relief?

Harry Hopkins was Roosevelt's Chief Administrator of Relief

What did president Teddy Roosevelt do for the depression?

The great depression began a decade after Theodore Roosevelt's death.

How did the AMerican people ask for aid during the Depression?

Three years into the depression, Herbert Hoover lost the 1932 presidential election to Franklin Delano Roosevelt in a sweeping landslide. Roosevelt's economic recovery plan, the New Deal, instituted unprecedented programs for relief, recovery and reform, and brought about a major realignment of American politics.

Which president is noted for developing the great relief program during the great depression?

Franklin Delanor Roosevelt is noted for his relief program. The program you are to referring was called the New Deal. The program was "great" in its size and scope. Whether it was great in in the sense of lasting excellence is debatable.

Who did Roosevelt blame for the depression?

Roosevelt places a lot of blame on Hoover and his actions (or lack thereof) that lead to the Depression.

During the 1930s the new deal legislation was proposed by president Franklin Roosevelt to bring the united states out of the great depression?

Yes, President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal, proposed in 1933, was a series of programs that were intended to help the country recover from the devastation created by the Great Depression. It included things such as jobs programs and emergency relief programs.

How many people did the relief measures help during the Great Depression?

The relief measures during the Great Depression helped about one third of the pooulation.

What was Herbert Hoovers plan to end the great depression?

He called for private relief rather than government aid, and this led to the impression that he lacked compassion, which was shown to be untrue as he initiated public relief efforts which were later enlarged in F.D. Roosevelt`s New Deal. He later organised civilian relief efforts in Europe during WWII.

Did Theodore Roosevelt stop the Great Depression?

no, Franklin D. Roosevelt stopped the Great Depression. I can see how you got the two mixed up

What relief was given to farmers by Roosevelt?


What was Franklin D Roosevelt's achievements as president?

He started the New Deal, which was a program designed to alleviate the problems of the Great Depression. This policy had three general goals; relief for the poor, economic recovery, and financial reform.

Who stoped the great depression?

Franklin d roosevelt stoppd the great depression

Roosevelt's determination did much to bring hope to the US during the Depression?

It is true that Roosevelt's determination raised morale in America during the Great Depression. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the country's 32nd President.

What were Theodore Roosevelt's 3 r's?

relief recovery and reform but they werent by Theodore roosevelt they were by Franklin roosevelt.Theodore roosevelt had the 3 C's