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She helped when she was the reason why the Montgomery Bus Boycott started.

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Q: What did Rosa Parks do that helped the Civil Rights Movement?
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What did Rosa parks do before she died?

She helped th Civil Rights Movement!!

What happened prior to Rosa parks that was helped directly or indirectly?

slavery and the civil rights movement

What was Rosa Parks contribution to society?

She helped initiate the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955 which helped to launch the Civil Rights Movement. and she stood up for what she believed in which help creat the civil rights movement

What was Rosa parks part in the civil rights movement (background)?

Rosa Parks was one of the several leaders in the civil rights movement

What type of movement was Rosa parks in?

Rosa Parks was part of the Civil Rights Movement.

What gave rise to the civil-rights movement?

The civil rights movement was started by activists such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. It helped to fight for equality for African Americans.

Rosa Parks Civil Rights Movement?

she was an civil rights activist. She was most famous for the bus boycott movement.

How did Rosa Parks contirbute to the Civil Rights Movement?

her actions brought national attention to the civil rights movement

What was Rosa parks involved in?

rosa parks was involved with the civil rights movement.

Why was Rosa Parks significant to the civil rights movement?

Her actions brought national attention to the civil rights movement.

What was Rosa Parks role in the civil rights movement?

ROSA PARKS was a civil rights activist. and she held the first bus boycott.

How was Rosa parks' incident significent?

It was the first movement in the Civil Rights Movement.

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