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he took the europeans to new fance for many reasons:

1. wanted their land

2. good farmland

3. it was a great adventure

4. wanted to trade for spices and stuff

5. they learned the aborigonal way of life (eg. hunting, growing food)

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In 1608 Champlain returned to New France. On this trip he wanted to build a settlement along the St. Lawrence River. The French also figured that Acadia (Samuel de Champlain first piece of land discovered by him in 1604) was to far from the center of Fur Trading. Champlain picked a site close to where Jacques Cartier occupied in 1535 which was called Stadacona. The river narrowed so it was an excellent Harbour. He started a permanent Settlement called Kebec (Quebec) which means "Where the river Narrows". After that he befriended the Aboriginals neighbours who showed the French around and Champlain mapped a lot of these areas.

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Q: What did Samuel de Champlain do at port royal?
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