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What did Sweden do during World War II?


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Sweden assisted with hiding the Jews. Denmark sent many Jews by boat to Sweden. They gave them a place to live and food. Some stayed there after the war and others went to various countries after the war. Sweden help with underground network tasks too for Norway and Finland.


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During world war II Sweden was determined to stay out of the war no matter the cost, still Sweden helped the allies whenever possible.

Sweden was neutral during World War I. In addition, it was able to remain officially neutral throughout World War II.

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Sweden had no role during World War I. During World War II, Sweden maintained a policy of neutrality but sometimes breached this neutrality in favour of Germany and the Allies. For examples, they allowed the German army to use Swedish railways into Finland during the invasion of the Soviet Union as well as supplying Germany with vital iron ore. On the other hand, Sweden assisted in the training of Danish and Norwegian recruits and allowed the United States to use Swedish air bases in the liberation of Norway.

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