What did Sweden to help the Jews?


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Sweden took jews in because the Demark jews was sent to neutral demark 95% of Demark jews escaped into neutral sweden

They ferried the Jews to southern Sweden, where they were safe.

Because the Jews were drunk and Sweden was horny.

There are about 18,000 Jews today in Sweden out of a population of 9 million =D

Sweden assisted with hiding the Jews. Denmark sent many Jews by boat to Sweden. They gave them a place to live and food. Some stayed there after the war and others went to various countries after the war. Sweden help with underground network tasks too for Norway and Finland.

99% of the non combatant jews coming to sweden survived the war.

During the Holocaust only 51/82000 Danish Jews were killed. Most Jews with the help of Neutral Sweden and the Danish Government were able to emmigrate to Sweden since it was neutral during the Holocaust. That was a total of 99.6 per cent of Jews from Denmark were saved from the Nazi Genocide known as the Holocaust.

Because Sweden was free during WWII.

they took them to sweden where they where will be safe

Help in Sweden is called "Hjälp".

7 thousand jewish people were smuggled to Sweden.

Sweden was neutral in World War 2, so Swedish Jews were safe in Sweden.

In his boat taking the Jews to Sweden.

Sweden remained neutral during the war.

He smuggled them to Sweden from Denmark.

Yes, some countries did. Sweden, which was neutral, granted Swedish citizenship to Jews in Europe to protect them. Denmark, which was Nazi-occupied, sent its Jewish population to Sweden before they could be rounded up by the Nazis. After the revolt began in the Warsaw Ghetto, Great Britain delivered weapons and supplies to the Jews by parachute.

During the Holocaust many righteous Christians helped Jews. Some adopted Jewish children. Some built secret closets or room for Jews to hide in. Some let Jews hide in barns. Christians helped Jews sneak out of the ghettos and get false papers. They helped smuggle Jews to Sweden, Switzerland and Israel.

No. At least 60 Danish Jews perished in camps.

Most of the Jews of Denmark escaped by boat to Sweden.

Sweden created a handkerchief that the Danish Jews used for wearing off the dogs sense of smell. You have to read the book "Number the stars". It tells you all about it. The handkerchief is for fishermen only because they need it to ward off the dogs so that they don;t know that they have people on board to sail to Sweden.

Plenty of people helped the Jews the best they can. These neutral countries helped hide Jews within their borders. The Vatican City Sweden Spain Portugal Several Individuals, helped hide Jews the most famous being Oskar Schindler. Not to mention the Allies who came and liberated the majority of Jews in concentration camps.

Some people helped smuggle Jews over borders and into neutral countris like Sweden or Switzerland. Others literally hid Jews in their basements and attics, like Anne Frank.

Sweden was neutral in WW2, therefore I just hope the answer to your question is nil.

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