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he invented Mickey Mouse and has a one o the most famous theme parks named after him

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What did Walt Disney contribute to California?


What impact did Walt Disney have on society?

Walt Disney made family's come together.!

What did society do to remember Walt Disney?

In honor of Walt Disney, Disney World became Walt Disney World

What did Walt Disney contribute?

Disney helped older people find that kid inside you.

How did Walt Disney affect society?

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How did Walt Disney impact society?

he created Mickey Mouse

Who invented Disney World?

Walt Disney invented Walt Disney world and Walt Disney land

Who is founder of Walt Disney?

WALT DISNEY is the founder of WALT DISNEY WORLD. hahaha

When did Walt Disney make Walt Disney?

Walt Disney didn't create Walt Disney; he was Walt Disney himself. He created Mickey Mouse and all the other famous characters around

What is the logo for the Walt Disney company?

The Walt Disney Company logo is simply the words The Walt Disney Company w/ Walt Disney written in Walt's handwriting Walt Disney Pictures is Walt Disney, in his handwriting, underneath Cinderella's Castle.

Was Walt Disney smart?

YES. Walt Disney is very smart because he created Walt Disney World and Walt Disney Land with all the Disney characters.

What was at Walt Disney World when Walt Disney was alive?

Walt Disney died before Walt Disney World opened. Of the 5 Disney resorts worldwide, Walt Disney only ever saw Disneyland, CA.

Who were the brothers that founded the Walt Disney Company?

The brothers that founded the Walt Disney Company were Walt Disney && Roy Disney.

Was Walt Disney an alcoholic?

Walt Disney was never an alcoholic, if Walt Disney was an alcoholic, Walt Disney would never had been a kids/teen company!

Was Walt Disney the first person to lay a brick at Walt Disney World?

No, Walt Disney died before construction of Walt Disney World began.

Who founded the Walt Disney Company?

The Walt Disney Company was founded as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio in 1923 by Walt and Roy Disney. It reincorporated as Walt Disney Productions in 1929. It took the name The Walt Disney Company in 1986.

When did Walt Disney open Walt Disney studios?

Walt and his older brother Roy O. Disney set up Disney Bros. Productions in 1923. The name was later changed to Walt Disney Productions and then to the Walt Disney Company.

What school was named after Walt Disney?

There are several schools named after Walt Disney:Walt Disney Elementary School - Anaheim, CAWalt Disney Elementary School - Burbank, CAWalt Disney Elementary School - San Ramon, CAWalt Disney Elementary School - Mishawaka, INWalt Disney Elementary School - Clinton Township, MIWalt Disney Elementary School - Marceline, MOWalt Disney Elementary School - Springfield, MOWalt Disney Elementary School - Omaha, NEWalt Disney Elementary School - Rochester, NYWalt Disney Elementary School - Tulsa, OKWalt Disney Elementary School - Levittown, PAWalt Disney Elementary School - Alvin, TXWalt Disney Magnet School, Grades K-8 - Chicago, IL

Who opened Walt Disney theme parks?

Walt Disney was the creator of Walt Disney theme parks.

Why is Walt the first name of Disney?

The Walt Disney Company is named for one of its founders, Walt Disney.

Did Walt Disney create Disneyland?

Walt Disney designed Disney Land at Disney World but his dad continued the plans after Walt Disney died

When did Walt Disney start the Disney company?

Walt and Roy Disney founded the Walt Disney Company on October 16, 1923

What nationality is Walt Disney?

Walt Disney was American.

Is Walt Disney a tiger?

No, Walt Disney was a person.

What is the name of the creator of Walt Disney?

Walt Disney