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The British Army, during WW2, had a number of uniforms, for different uses. The most common type was called "Battledress" and was worn in action. Made of wool with a colour that varied from soft brown to a darker shade of brown/green, which was suppossed to blend in with ground colours and grass. The trousers were full cut with a button fly, two front and two rear pockets, and a large cargo pocket on the right thigh, for a map or a wound dressing. The jacket had a closed neck with flat metal buttons down the front, and a waist belt that was sewen into the lower part of the jacket to keep it closed up. There were buttons at the back of the jacket that buttoned onto the pants to keep the lower back covered . The front of the jacket had two large outer pockets, and two smaller inside pockets that had buttons to close them up. Soldiers wore leather boots in a black colour, and their ankles were covered by a canvas wrap to keep stones and sand out of their boots. A series of webbing packs and ammo pouches and a waist belt that had a number of things attached to it, helped the soldier to carry important items on his body without needing to have them in his hands. He had a steel helmet to protect his head and he would have carried a personal weapon of some kind. In winter cold he would have added more layers of clothing, and in the heat of summer, he would have switched to shorts and a short sleeve shirt to be cooler. Soldiers have identifying unit insignia on their uniforms, as well as rank and trade badges, that show what they are trained to do and how far up the rank structure thay are . Officers uniforms were better made and of better quality material, as they bought their own uniforms, from a military tailor's shop.THe soldier's uniforms were factory made, and of poor quality cloth. During WW2 as well as at other times, the British also had a Dress Uniform that was very unique for each regiment. Each regiment had its own history, tradition and regimental colors. While wearing Battle Dress uniform, the only item to distinguish each regiment would be the badge on the cap and possibly a shoulder "title" or arc, that could be cloth or bronze. The Dress Uniform for each regiment would be a different color; this sometimes varied quite differently or it might be a slight difference in the cut or the color of the trim. For example the Palace Guards have 5 infantry regiments. The full Dress Uniform that they still wear while on duty at the Palace is a bright RED uniform. The features that distiguish each regiment is the cuffs and the grouping of the buttons on the front. Grenadier Guards have buttons evenly spaced; Coldstream Guards have buttons spaced in pairs(for 2nd regiment); Scots Guards have buttons spaced in 3's; etc. When wearing the dress Visor Cap, each regiment's cap is different. Coldstream Guards wore a Black hat with White sweatband and white piping. The sweatband for the Scots Guards was a tartan pattern. The visor cap of the Welsh Guards was all BLACK. For wear in combat, the British were issued a sleeveless leather smock, commonly referred to as a Jerkin. It was worn over the battledress tunic and the belts and suspenders worn over the Jerkin.

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Q: What did World War 2 soldiers have to eat?
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