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What did amen do that was significant to the Egyptians?


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As far as I'm aware, there was no such figure as 'Amen'.

There was, however, Aten and Amun, both of whom were gods.

Let's start with Amun.

Amun was the god of the sun, commonly known as Ra. His official title was Amun-Ra, and he was responsible for moving the sun across the sky every day, and generally was one of the most awesome dudes around. After all, without the sun, there could be no farms, and with no farms society would starve to death.

Aten is another matter entirely.

When Pharoah Akhenaten took power, there was a radical shift in the religious beliefs of the kingdom. He decreed that Aten, the solar disc, was the only god of Egypt, and that Aten spoke to the people of Egypt through his only son, Akhenaten. Akhenaten then moved the seat of power from its traditional seat to the palace of Akhetaten, which was a giant complex out in the middle of the desert. He ruled from there until his death, when his successor took over. However, it's a really poor idea to compare worship of Aten with Christianity. Despite the superficial similarities, there being only one god and he speaks to the people through his son, Aten was far more hands-off than the God of, say, Moses or Jesus Christ. There are also other differences, but suffice to say that the similarities are just coincidence.


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Yes, the overall main god of the Ancient Egyptians was the sun god Ra. Later Ra merged with Amun, the Thebes wind god, and became Amen-Ra.

during the amarna period it was the sun god, aton....i think other times it was amen ray

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The majority are, but not all Egyptians are Muslim. For example, Egypt has a significant Christian population. There are also lesser known religions such as the Coptic church in Egypt.

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In the book "Names and titles of the Lord Jesus Christ", find it on, on page 23 it says FIAT is Amen in latin.

Isis would most likely be the most significant, if not Hathor.

The Egyptians had more than one god: Amen, Isis, and Osiris to name a few. The Greeks also believed in polytheism's, Hades, Athena, Aphrodite

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The word amen comes from the Latin word amen and from the Ecclesiastical Greek word amen. It also comes from the Hebrew word amen which means truth and was used as an expression of agreement.

The Egyptian name for Amen is empire.

"Amen" is Latin, so it's the same word.

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