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Edward asked Bella to challenge Emmet to an armwrestling competition after she became a vampire, because Emmet is so proud of his strength. But Edward knows that she will be stronger than everyone for a while, because all newborns are, Hope this is good enough=)

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Bella first heard about the huge animals in the woods while she was

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Q: What did edward ask Bella to do when she became a vampire?
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What does Bella ask Edward to give her before he changes her into a vampire?

bella wants edward to 'sleep with her' before he changes her into a vampire

What chapter did Bella ask Edward if he is a vampire?

Chapter 9- Theory.

You ask why does Bella and Edward get married?

Bella and Edward get married because that is one of his rules if Bella wants to become a vampire.So if Bella wants to become a vampire she must marry Edward first.

What chapter does edward ask Bella to marry him?

Chapter 24 Vote. when they are trying to negotiate Bella becoming a vampire

When did Bella ask Edward if he was a vampire?

In the very first book in the Twilight saga, Twilight, Edward tells Bella that he is a vampire in the chapter "Theory," after Edward saves her from the thugs that try to kidnap her. He reveals this to her in the restaurant in Port Angeles.

At the end of new moon does Edward ask Bella to marry him?

Yes he said that he would make her a vampire if she married him.

What do the volturi ask Bella to do?

Ask her to be a vampire.

Does edward ask Bella to marry him in new moon?

he does in the book yes, Bella wants edward to change her into a vampire and Edwards says yes if she marries him first. but in the film something different happens.

What is the plot of twilight new moon eclipse?

Twilight - Where Bella and Edward first meet. Bella has just moved to Forks, Washington and Edward is a mysterious young vampire. They fall in love. New Moon - Jacob turns into a werewolf, Edward leaves, thinks Bella has killed herself and tries to get the Volturi (old royal vampire clan) to kill him. Bella and Alice rescue him and finally Edward and Bella are reunited and Edward promises never to leave her again. Eclipse - Bella wants to be both Edwards girlfriend and Jacobs best friend. Edward wants Bella to marry him before they sleep together. He wants Bella to wait a little while longer before becoming a vampire and Rosalie and Jasper tell Bella the story of how they became vampires. Just in case you were wondering. I don't want to ruin Breaking Dawn so if you want any answers on that just ask and I'll tell you. By the way ask on here, I check every so often. x

In eclipse when does Edward ask Bella to marry him?

Edward doesn't ask in Eclipse, he ask her in at the end of New Moon. Bella says yes in Eclipse

Does Edward and Bella marry?

In eclipse Edward ask Bella hand in marriage. In breaking dawn they get hitched

In what chapter does edward ask to marry Bella?

Edward Asks Bella To Marry Him In Chapter 24. Vote

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