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to marry him

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Q: What does Edward ask Bella at the end of eclipse?
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In eclipse when does Edward ask Bella to marry him?

Edward doesn't ask in Eclipse, he ask her in at the end of New Moon. Bella says yes in Eclipse

When does Edward ask Bella to marry him?

In Eclipse Edward first asks Bella to marry him at the end of new moon, then he asks again in eclipse (which is when she finally says yes).

Who does Bella end up with in the book eclipse?

Bella ends with edward

Did edward purpose to Bella at the end of new moon or eclipse?

it was the end of Eclipse (trust me i just watch the movie )

What did Alice do for Bella and Edward at the end of eclipse?

shes planning there wedding

Does Bella stay with Edward at the end of eclipse?

Yes, and in Breaking Dawn they get married.

In eclipse does Bella pick Jacob over edward?

No, in the end she decided to choose Edward. She loves Jacob too but decides that she can live without him (its in Eclipse)

What is the song played at the end of Eclipse were edward and Bella are in the meadow?

bruno mars it will rain

What happens at the end of twilight eclipse book?

In the end of Twilight Eclipse, Bella and Edward decide to inform Bella's father, Charlie about their engagement which happened before the attack of the newborns.

Did Edward Cullen ask Bella Swan to marry him?

yes, in the end of eclipse he asked her to marry him and in breaking dawn they got married In the end of new moon he first asked her to marry him, it wasn't until the end of eclipse that she agreed to marry him.

What does edward ask bella at the end of new moon?

He says: Marry me, Bella. It is not a question.

Does Jacob go to Bella and edward's wedding?

He makes a surprise visit in the book, he ran away in the end of Eclipse, and showed up at Edward and Bella's wedding.

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