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What did fransico pizzaro explore?

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He wasn't trying to explore, he wanted to conquer the Incan empire

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Where did fransico pizzaro explore?

He was looking for his taco

Where and what did fransico pizzaro explore?

he explored whats now called Peru

Who is Fransico Pizzaro?

Fransico Pizzaro was a famious explorer in 1492

Who is pizzaro?

Fransico Pizzaro landed in Peru and destroyed the Inca tribe. Pizzaro killed many

Who discoverd Peru?

fransico pizzaro discovered preu

Who defeated the Inca Indians and seized their gold?

Fransico Pizzaro

Who contributed to the Spanish taking control of the Inca Empire?

Fransico Pizzaro

When did francisco pizzaro explore?

in 1502

What country did fransico de cornado explore for?


When did fransico Pizarro explore?

Fransico Pizarro started exploring in the years 1429-1518. Wow he is a old man.

Who is the first to explore Peru and conquered the incans?

Fransico Pizarro

What river did coronado explore?

fransico coronado explored the mississsippi river

The largest treasure found in the New World before 1540 was held by the?

The largest treasure was found by Fransico Pizzaro, In his Spanish conquest of the Incas.

Where did Francisco Pizarro explore and why?

Francisco pizzaro only explored the land of what is now called today Peru.

What places did pizarro explore?

Pizzaro traveled the northern Pacific Coast of South America and brought down the Inca Empire.

Who is fransico coronado?

A Spanish explorer ,ruler,and conquistador. first European to explore north amercias south west

Were is pizzaro from?

Pizzaro is from Truijillo spain.

Who did pizzaro defeat?

Pizzaro defeated the Incas.

Why did Fransico Pizarro explore?

He explored for land. Spain was poor and needed money so they sent Pizarro find land and goods.

Where was Fancisco pizzaro born?

Fransisco Pizzaro was born in Spain.

Which country did francisco pizzaro sail to?

Francisco Pizzaro sailed to Hispanola

What year was pizzaro born?

Pizzaro was born in Feb,8th,1908

Did francisco pizzaro have any children?

No. Francisco Pizzaro didn't have any children

Who did Francisco Pizzaro conquer?

Francisco Pizzaro conquered king George the third

What group of Indians were conquered by pizzaro?

Pizzaro conquered the Incas Indians that lived in India