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They did carpenting, cooking, farming, and many other things. They did carpenting, cooking, farming, and many other things.

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What are jobs of slaves in the 1800s?

overseer-watches over everyone field hands-work outdoors house slaves-does the cooking and cleaning for the other slaves

What did house slaves wear in the 1800's?

The house slaves of the 1800s were given old, handydown clothes from their owners, which is usually cotton rags for clothes instead.

Did freed African Americans own slaves in the 1800s?

Yes. Freed African Americans owned slaves in the 1800s.

What did slaves practice in the 1800s?

Slaves were owned by others and did what they were told.

What were slaves considered back in the early to mid-1800s?

Slaves were considered to be property in the early to mid-1800's.

Can slaves marry in the 1800s?

no they can't

Who is the lady who freed slaves?

Harriet Tubman, freed many slaves in the 1800s.

Why did people own slaves in the United states in the 1800S?

why did people own slaves

How did slavery change from the 1600s to the 1800s?

there were a lot more slaves in the 1800s than there were in the 1600s.

Why did the former slaves move west in the 1800s?

Many former slaves moved west in the 1800s. Northerner's feared freed slaves would take their jobs. They did not want to stay in the hostile South.

Who owned slaves in the 1800s?

Well, your mom had quite a few slaves back in the day

What did Europe stop trading in the early 1800s?


What happen in the 1800s with child labor?

they become slaves

What went from africa to north America in the 1800s?


What was life for slaves like in the 1800s?

It was awful. Masters hurt the slaves. Many slaves ran away because of the torture.

What the slaves wore in the 1800s?

slaves wore ripped, toren, ragged, stinky, worn down rags.

How much were slaves in the 1800s?

slave a day is a dime a day

Where were most slaves from in the 1800s?

I think it was Africa but im not sure.

How were slaves treated in haiti during the early 1800s?


Did people own slaves in the United States in the 1800s?

They did, yes.

What was the price of a steamboat in the 1800s?

An arm and a leg, or 10,000 slaves

What did slaves wear in the late 1800s?

The African American slaves wore old clothing from their masters. Usually rags.

Who looked after owners house and family on southern plantations?

House slaves looked after the owners house and family on Southern plantations. House slaves were selected from the most well-behaved of the field slaves. House slaves cooked the meals, cleaned the house, did the laundry, and looked after the children.

What famous black woman helped hundreds of other slaves escape from the north and south in the mid-1800s?

Harriet Tubman

Which technological development led to an increased demand for slaves in the US during the early- to mid-1800s?

the cotton gin