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Humans started to farm and domesticate animals during the neolithic revolution.


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The Neolithic revolution lead to specialization. This is because the Neolithic revolution allowed people to settle down and begin to do other jobs instead of hunting.

It is surmised that the Neolithic Revolution began about 10,000 BC. It was at about this time that people began living in villages and cultivating crops.

some people stop relying on gathering food and stared begin to produce food

It allowed humans to give up their nomadic existence and begin to live insettled communities, which gave rise to civilization.

The Industrial Revolution began in England in the late 18th century.

Water pollution begin first during the industrial revolution in the 1800s.

by what time period dies evidence of cultural sharing in neolithic China begin?

I'm pretty sure during the the colonial times.

The Neolithic Revolution occurred first in the so-called "Fertile Crescent" or Mesopotamia in what is now modern Iraq. It also occurred independently (probably) at later dates in China, the Americas and possibly in parts of Africa and New Guinea. Agriculture and pastoralism diffused from Mesopotamia to Egypt, Western Europe and the Indus Valley (modern Pakistan).

The first battle was in 1298 during the Scottish War of Independence and the second in 1746 during the Jacobite revolution.

The reason why they began to farm food was because there was no source of food where the Neolithic people lived.

From the age of 30, humans gradually begin to shrink.

During the Scientific Revolution, scientists standardized the way of proving their ideas through empirical evidence and inductive reasoning. This became the modern scientific method.

neophite neologism neolithic neotype

scientific explanation. Apex. Also screw that last answer.

I think that the french revolution begin in Paris and which started with the storm of Bastille.

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The industrial Revolution began around 1850.

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