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What did non-jewish german think about the Nazis?

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There's no sure way to know what somebody else thought, felt, or believed.

But unless I have been misinformed, or underinformed, history does not

reflect any substantial, widespread objection, civil disobedience, or revolt

on the part of the Teutonic population, with the exception of a very few

unrelated individuals, in reaction to the restriction, discrimination, persecution,

demonization, and mass extermination that were perpetrated over the course

of 15 years as matters of public policy.

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I think you are confused. The Nazis were German. They were from Germany.

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Most Nazis were German, but Hitler was from Austria.

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I think it refers to the Scandinavian Nazis, the German allies in Finland and Norway.

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German soldiers lead by Hitler. The Nazis hated Jews.

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In German the full version was Nationalsozialisten.

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