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i need a picture of a nurses uniform from Canada from ww1

Nurses in World War 1 wore nurses uniforms. See the link - I Warner

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Q: What did nurses in World War I wear?
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What did nurses wear during World War 2?


What did nurses wear in world war 2?

bikini's panies and jump dresses

How many nurses died in World War I?

25 nurses died in world war 1. 25 nurses died in world war 1.

What did nurses in World War 2 wear?

panty liners, whipps, thongs, g-strings, bras

How did nurses treat wounded soldiers in World War 1?

Nurses treated soldiers in world war one...

How much did World War 1 nurses get paid?

World War 1 nurses did not get paid. They were mainly nurses from Red Cross and they did volunteer work in war-prone zones.

How many nurses were in World War 1?

In ww1 2,139 nurses were in it

What did nurses and doctors wear in World War 2?

a blue dress and a white apron with a nurse hat and have there hair in a bun

What did nurses wear during world war 1?

They wore tampons They would have a hard job...tampons were not invented then !! Idiotic answer and not worthy of the nurses who risked their lives......Uniforms of course

What did Canadian nurses do in world war two?

== ==

Names of nurses in World War 2?


What do World War 2 nurses were?

dont no

What did the nurses in the red cross during the civil war wear?

The nurses in the Red Cross during the Civil War wore white dresses. This was to show how clean they were.

What was a nurses name that was in world war 1?


Were the nurses of World War 1 close?


Who were the bluebirds in World War I?

Canadian nurses

What did austraian nurses do in World War 1?

worked in munition factories, nurses, ambulance drivers.

How where nurses affected by World War 1?

they dint tell me!!

How many nurses in World War 2 were Black?


Were women nurses killed in World War 1?

no they were ninjaas

What work did nurses do in World War II?

They worked in hospitals.

Did the nurses have room mates in World War 1?


How did woman participate in world war 1?

mostly as nurses

What do nurses have to wear for work?

In the modern society, nurses wear scrubs; it can be with or without a design.

What was life like as a nurse in World War 1?

Nurses had a challenging job during World War 1. They didn't have all the tools nurses have today, so they had to improvise.