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in world war one it was light blue and in world war two it was normal blue

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Every uniform is different.

Every school that requires a uniform has a different uniform.

Does that answer your question?

they look like regular officers in uniform

It had an overcoat/trenchcoat, field cap, web gear, puttees, boots, and a dull colored uniform blouse and pants.

It looks like every other teams uniform, but in a different color.

The path of the object is straight when in uniform motion

Here is photos of what the uniform looks like its really neat Jaguars Uniform

The path of the object is straight during uniform motion .

there was no thing as the first cheer uniform because cheerledind hit the nation all at once

Like a lot of wooden huts, organised and uniform.

The Union armys uniforms were blue.

no because then will look like nerds

By definition, a "uniform" is designed to be the same as everyone else. In order to add individual style to any uniform, one must alter the uniform which will make it no longer a uniform. It sucks, but a uniform is designed to make you look just like everyone else in a uniform.

It was a camauflauged uniform so that the soldiers could blend into the back ground. If they had worn bright colouful uniforms it would have made them easy targets for rifles.

they are of a casual look. replicating that of a pivate school.

It depends on the motion of an object i.e. whether a body is executing uniform or non uniform motion.

A Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is the search bar at the top of your web browser and is usually white or grey.

ripe rose looks like a uniform bright orange when they ripe.

The Fufaika as you might know was a Soviet winter uniform from World War II. It consisted of a padded jacket and pants. It was a light brown or tan in color to match the color of summer uniform. The jacket has buttons up the front.

Refer to this site: (see related link at the bottom) The uniform is now refered to as the Army Service Uniform.

Yes, but the look will not be exactly the same. Fondant will tend to have a much smoother and more uniform look to it.

Go to : for current uniforms.

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