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What did original tarot cards look like?


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Tarot cards began as card games in the 15th century. I do not know of any pictures available of the original cards.

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"Gypsies are famous for their traditions of fortune telling by reading Tarot cards, interpreting dreams, and looking into crystal balls."

Hello The Page within a tarot deck is unisex, so can be either male or female. All of the court cards can be either gender if you look at them from a personality or astrological aspect. Sadhara

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There's a lot of debate over the answer to this question. While some say that there is a connection to the ancient Egyptian Book of Thoth, there isn't any proof of these claims. The earliest known Tarot decks date back to late 15th century Italy. The "modern" Tarot deck is 17th century French, and it's English language cousin is early 20th century. The English language version saw a few notable changes in the major arcana like the removal of "The Pope" card (replaced by the Hierophant). The Rider-Waite deck is the most common of the English language tarot cards and was drawn by Pamela Coleman Smith in 1909 (published in 1910). If you look hard enough you can find original 1910 versions on eBay. There's an excellent (free) online tarot reading available at ifate.com which is also worth seeing. http:/www.ifate.com/tarot_index.html

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