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Made laws.

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Q: What did parliament do in English government?
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What kind of government is the English government?

The English Government is a Constitutional Monarchy with a bicameral (but functionally unicameral) Parliament.

The legislative branch of English government is?


By 1500 English parliament?

became a permanent part of English government.

Is Parliament an example of representation in the English government?


What was the name of the English government that the colonies looked up to?


What is the name of The English Government?

Great Britain has a parliamentary monarchy syle of government.

Under the English Bill of Rights, who became the most powerful part of the English government?

the Parliament

What is the British law making body?

The law making branch of British government is called Parliament.

The colonists felt they had no voice in the English government because they did not have a representative in the?

British Parliament

What was the lawmaking body of government that the us modeled its legeslative branch on?

english parliament

What were three of the traditional rights by English colonists?

They were strengthened, the Government was to be base by Parliament, and they asked to restore their old government.

How did the English bill of rights influence English government?

The English parliament's two chamber structure also influence colonial governments.