What did people look like in the 1700s in Connecticut look like?


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Try googling "1700s people"


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Homes in connecticut looked like they did back in paul reveres days

a coin from the 1700s look like ........... in the side heads it still has the same face of someone the other side has a guitar, a violin, and a trumpet with a book next to it i have one that's from 1796

it pretty much look like today but with more trees and farm land.

The living conditions were horrible. They were sorta like the middle passage. Look it up on wikipedia

Postage stamps did not exist until their introduction in England on 1-May-1840.

i would like if the answer just came up and not had me look for it

Connecticut looks like a basic rectangle with another diagonal rectangle sticking out of the left bottom corner. It also has ridigy lines on the bottom because of the coast.

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It was really forestry, a few swamps and a lot of more trees! There was good farmland there too.

Yes but the rings back then were not designed like today's. One ring to look up would be the 1700s Georgian Heart ring. That's a good example of how a ring looked back then.

There was a small pot that was used to urinate in. There was also a big pillow or pill of hay that was used as a bed. They had a single blanket and that was all. There were big locks on the doors and no windows. Mental hospitals in the 1700s were like sort of like jail cells. If you want to see a real 1700s mental hospital you can go to colonial Williamsburg and go to the art museum. They have a mental hospital room from the 1700s and 1800s and some things that were use in the hospital.

They had dirt or wooden floors with either a log roof or a grass top and they only had one room.

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Colonial Conneticut looks mostly as it is today, but more distinct, such as, in farmland.

Mystic Seaport Village in Connecticut.

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