What did pirates eat and drink?

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Bone soup, grease grits, hardtack, grog or ale, salted beef, black bean hash, fresh eggs, bacon, pancakes, waffles, crepe's croissants, muffins, yogurt with granola, little beef sausages, fresh vegetables, and sometimes ice cream. As a special treat on Pirate Holiday the Captain would serve them T-bone steaks, baked potatoes with broccoli, Texas toast, Caesar salad and for dessert,flambe cherries jubilee.
Grilled trout almond and oysters Rockefeller were served every Sunday after church services followed by a snifter of fine brandy.
A dish called Salmagundi was also popular among sailors and pirates. It was made of whatever was available. Often, the dish included chopped meat ( beef, fish, chicken, pig, turtle, etc.), eggs, anchovies, onions, grapes, cabbage and herring. Salt, pepper, garlic, oil and vinegar were often used as seasoning. It was made in large quantities and could keep pirates going for almost a week or more.
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Whats in pirates blood the alcohol drink?

Answer . Pirate's Blood. 1/16th cup grenadine 1/4th cup Bacardi 151 Rum 3 pieces ice cubes Rest of cup 100% Cranberry Juice. It is recommended that you use 100% cranberry juice cause anything less will taste like instant hangover.

What do Pirates eat?

If they are on a ship they will eat oats or something and surprisingly fish. Sometimes they stop near islands and get some fruit. If they can, they will eat sea turtles too! These beasts can be a great source of water, if being killed properly...

What did pirates eat?

The easiest food in many cases was fish and other seafood. But most sailing ships carried stores of dry bread (hard tack), salted meat, and dried beans. In tropical climes, coconuts and fruit were sometimes available, but most did not keep well.

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Anne Frank eat potatoes beans bread strawberries cabbage soup vegetables and more. I'm not sure what she drank but you can search it up

Do pirates eat jerky I need to know?

no pirates dont eat jerky because it causes scurvy Pirates carried Dried Meats preserved with salt....Sun Dried. now they may not have called it Jerky back then. Save

Why did pirates drink rum?

Due to the fact that there was no good way to store water during that period, it would become stagnant. Rum was added to the crew member's water rashness to cover the bad taste. This was known as "Groggy".

Why did pirates eat salty bread and ham?

Pirates ate what was given them and they liked it or they got tossed overboard. They mostly got cheap food that was easy to preserve on a long trip, like ham. Ya' got it now, swab? . hard tack, salt-raised bread and preserved meats such as ham could be stored for the long periods of time that pira ( Full Answer )

What types of food did pirates eat?

On ships in the 1600-1800's dried meat, stale water, lots of ale, hard tack, maybe a bit of fruit that they picked up here and there. The ships had no head, kitchen, or cooking area. There were no sleeping areas ( only for the Captain) They were not on a pleasure cruise. Modern day pirates eat muc ( Full Answer )

Did pirates drink root beer?

yes they did because they would be trap and pirates do drink a lot of beer so yeah

Did pirates eat people or animals?

Pirates sell people into slavery so they would be eating their profit. I do imagine they ate some meat like beef or chicken at some point. They acquired parrots because they could sell them when they needed money.

What food does an astronaut eat and drink?

Freeze-Dried Foods. Have you ever held one of those Vacumed Packed packages of Ground Coffee? it's like that but for everything. You can get Freeze-Dried Ice Cream at some Gift Shops. It is really wierd.

What is a pirates favorite drink?

Anything they can get their hands on! But if they have a choice, GROG. Grog is any kind of mixture of rum and water. They could add sugar, spices, and fruit juice to it. It was similar to "punch" which was a popular beverage amongst all people back in the day. Straight rum, wine, beer, or mead are ( Full Answer )

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Turtles (red-neck-slider) eat :: any green, OR leafy kind of vegtable.. for example:: 1) Celery 2) Lettuce 3) Parsley 4) Cabbage Another thing is:: Turtle Food :) brand name:: ReptoMin. . Turtles drink:: Clean water.. (not salt--water) That's why their environment should ALWAYS be cleaned. ( Full Answer )

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Were did pirates get there food and drinks from when they were at sea?

Pirates took a certain ammount of food . drink with them, mainly biscuits, and Limes, and alcohol Biscuits because they were good for fat, and fiber etc ect Limes because they prevented Scurvy, which is a disease of the gums. Alcohol because sea water is too salty thus dangers for you, milk ( Full Answer )

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Did Pirates eat Jerky?

Caribbean Pirate's carried dried meats now called Jerky. It was salted and dried by the Sun. "Pirate Jerky"

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Because the medications that they give you 1. paralyze you and 2. actually make you vomit. If you vomit while you're under anesthesia, you could inhale some of it and have some pretty serious consequences.

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What did pirates eat for dessert?

Hard Tack sea biscuits - kind of like our modern days crackers . Honey cake (Swedish, early 17th century) Some pirates instead had a liquid dessert of: . Bombo/bumboo - mixture of rum, water, sugar, and nutmeg. . Rumfustian drink - blended raw eggs with sugar, sherry, gin, and beer. . Bee ( Full Answer )

What does a bird eat and drink?

depends what kind of bird. But if its a pet bird its seeds and water. But if its a wild bird it eats worms and drinks water they also eat fruit.

Do pirates eat rats?

yes in the olden days many pirates starved but rat was a good source of protein for the pirates ha har me hearties!

What does a Brazilian person eat and drink?

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Did pirates eat sweets?

the pirates did not eat sweets as they couldn't access them. Sweets (candy) did not exist in those days.

What food pirates would eat on a ship?

Pirates mainly ate salted meats which would keep for a long time, as well as any food they could find on islands or other boats. The lack of fresh food in their diet caused by this meant that they often suffered from scurvy, brought on by Vitamin C deficiency.

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