What did pirates like to do?


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pirates like to rob and attack other pirate ship for money and stolen valuables.


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Pirates like gold. Pirates do not like Ninjas.

Are pirates real today? Yes,but not like the pirates like in pirates of the cariben stealing in a sence says your a pirate.

Pirates existed as early at the 1st century B.C. There are still pirates to this day, but do not look like the stereotypical pirates we see in movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean.

No, not all pirates kill people, some pirates are nice and some are nasty, malevolent and horrible like pirates of the Caribbean.

well tudor pirates were the meanest pirates throuout the land they did really bad punishments like exucuting and chopping their hands and/or fingers :B

You can see memorabilia from Pirates like Blackbeard at the North Carolina Museum of History.

pirates are like old historic people that used to sail the sea and try to find gold duhhh

No. Pirates are human mammals like us. They do not lay eggs.

Um I think they have other pirates, like to take the place of the other pirate that died.

Its unknown if pirates have kids in the old days, like black beard or long john silver, but modern day pirates may be posing as soldiers to wives and kids but really be pirates in the high seas Pirates never had anytime to think about kids or wives or anything like that.

Yes, there are pirates existing this day. But they will not be exactly like what movies are depicting them. Pirates means "robbers on sea".

Abby Well i hope you mean pirates like AAARGH pirates, but yes there is a ship captain was recently held hostage by pirates, that help at all?

English pirates, like other European pirates, set out to sea in search of treasure. They primarily focused on the Caribbean in their pursuits.

Have you seen there teeth? If you had teeth like that you would be angry too! ...Aside from that, pirates are usually angry because they get treated like dirt which probably led them to become pirates in the first place.

''Pirates of the Caribbean'' probably won more awards than ''Barney and Friends'' but other people can like Barney and Friends and people can like Pirates of the Caribbean.

Because they like to have fun.

pirates are dangerous when you encounter or seeing a pirate could mean bad news! :(

Yes, there is a after credits scene for Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides, like there is for the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Well the pirates used ships just like the vikings did but a little bigger and traveled to Asia And Europe mostly. If you whated pirates and the carabien and there shipes are fake. it was like a canoe but much bigger.

Olden day pirates are pirates that would kill and steal other merchendise thery are not like the pirates that you see on the movies they are queit frightening they never were put in jail they would be hung also some people would cut off there hands so they can not hold ther rope choking them. there were good pirates but were not actually pirates they would go under cover and find the pirates and put them to death.

Celebrities and Pirates!!!! lol

its like the pirates movies with johnny depp in it

Opinions will always vary.

because they sail on ships.

Ohh dookie itโ€™s a US warship head back to Somalia fast...

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