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Q: What did shelter do to the bodies in stone cold?
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Who is the main character in the stone cold truth?

There are two MAIN characters in the book stone cold and they are Shelter and Link.

How old is shelter in stone cold?

47 years old

What is the address that Shelter lives in in the Stone Cold by Robert Swindells?

9 morrnigton place/ crescent

How did stone aged people survive the cold?

The same way modern man does. Shelter, clothing and fire.

Stone cold Robert swindells What does shelter do to his dead recruits?

after shelter kills his recruits he places them in a line like in the army underneath the floor boards where it is dark and cold so they don't smell and give their hiding place away.

How does Robert swindle describe shelter as a physopath in stone cold?

he is a horrible guy and is a killer but In a sneaky way but first he seems nice

Why hot bodies convert in to cold bodies?

Hi I m laraib i think that in hot bodies convert into cold bodies because of it hot bodies convert in to cold bodies by naturaly and in cold bodies convert in to hot bodies by artificiailly. E.G;The example of cold bodies convert in to hot bodies ( freezer )

What character does sappho play in the story Stone Cold?

Sappho Plays Shelter's Cat. Shelter is an ex army Sergent who wants too kill homeless people for supposedly stealing his job

What shelter did neanderthals have?

Caves were their shelter. they used stone as materials

What was shelters cat called in the book stone cold?

Shelter named his army: The Camden Horizontals

Seeking shelter from the cold is an example of a(n) .?

Seeking shelter from the cold is an example of a(n) _____.

What is the stone cold cheat?

stone cold is not in the game